Datta maata 42: Every place has positive or negative vibrations associated with it.

Even though the entire creation is a part of God, each and every place has its own significance. Each one of us must acknowledge this fact. Let us remember this. We know about the story of Narada who forgot the greatness of Himalayas (place of penance) and instead assumed that the power of his penance is the result of his own energy.
There are many who argue that there is no necessity to go to temples when God resides right here in one’s own heart. Such people cannot understand that the temple and the surroundings are rich with positive vibes and sanctity because of the powerful recitation of Veda hymns during the consecration of the deity of the temple. The good or bad that happens to us will definitely have at least some or the other connection with our surroundings. There is a story that describes about the importance of the place of stay and surroundings.

Sree Rama entered Dandakaranya (forest) during the period of exile. Lakshmana followed Sree Rama by carrying the belongings of Sree Rama and Sita matha. When they came to a particular place, without any reason, Lakshmana told Sita Rama that he can no longer carry their belongings because he is not their coolie. Saying so, he gave all of them to Sree Rama. After walking further, Lakshmana realized that Sree Rama was carrying their belongings and repented for his mistake. He begged Sree Rama’s pardon by prostrating at his feet. Then Sree Rama told that it was not the mistake of Lakshmana. It was because of the negative vibrations of that place. The demons have performed rituals at that place and hence those negative vibes are still influencing the air waves of that place. Sree Rama further added that the mind of the person who comes there will automatically become like that of Lakshmana.

Once, they crossed the place, Lakshmana’s mind behaved well. Hence, it was not his mistake at all. Thus we understand about the influence of the place in every good or bad that happens to us. When we go to certain places, we feel so peaceful and forget all our sorrows. That is the energy of the surroundings. The mahatmas (noble souls) fill positivity to such places. Hence, in order to repair and calm our mind, we must go to peaceful temples every day. Only then we can pacify our inner self and the positive energy of the surroundings can influence us. We must go to temples at least once in a week, if not every day, the peaceful environment there will influence us and make our lives beautiful.

The same impact is felt when we make the friendship of Guru. In the presence of Guru, we feel very peaceful and forget all the sorrows. At the place of Guru, we eat very well, get good sleep and feel relaxed. Many say that they get relaxed after coming to Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashrama. They feel like eating well and sleeping happily. It is because of the relaxation of the mind because it no longer remembers the sufferings. Let us say that there is a faithful dog that takes care of its owner and his house. As soon as the dog sees its owner, it gradually rests to sleep. This means that it feels very secure because of the presence of his owner by his side. That is because of the power of surroundings. This is the impact of the surroundings and the penance of mahatmas.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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