Datta Maata 62: Who do only some devotees reach pinnacle of spiritual progress?

Each and every individual has the right on the air we breathe. Likewise, everybody has the right to receive Guru upadesha (initiation). We see that the clouds in the air which exist only for the benefit of others reach higher in the sky. Similarly, great people who strive for well-being of others like the clouds only reach the ultimate level.

Those who have interest on the ways of emergence of knowledge will have the divine darshan of the Guru lineage (Guru parampara darshan). Here, we must understand what darshan means. Starting from the purest form of energy (Parishuddha Chaitanya) till our level, the stream of knowledge has been brought to us by many great souls. All of them were non-selfish. To understand about this is called darshan. The more a person has such darshan, the more he will undergo through immensely grateful feeling. Not just that, he broods that the love that he shows towards the Guru is infinitesimal. As a result, he tries even more to put forth his gratitude in a better way. The more he does so, he will try to grasp that the others are no different from him. Such a kind of non-selfish quality blossoms in the heart of the person like a lotus flower with thousand petals. The more it blossoms; he unknowingly belongs to the path of the Sadguru. In that process, the disciple can attain enlightenment which implies that he gets promoted from the normal level of a human being to the divinity. This is what we infer from the comparison of clouds.

Clouds are nothing but the other form of the water droplets. All the drops from everywhere (also from the garbage water) undergo the evaporation process and get purified because of the Sun’s rays and come back to Earth as rain. This means that the water on the Earth does not at once become clouds. Only those water droplets that have the good fortune to help others take the form of clouds. Some other droplets sink into Earth, get purified there and emerge out of it once again. So, only those that are purified form the clouds. In this way, amongst all the beings who have obtained the Guru upadesha, those who try to purify themselves and shun selfishness can attain the supreme levels.

In this way, we have so far understood the relation between knowledge, determination to help others, devotion towards Guru, enlightenment and the fundamental energy that exists. Hence, with the grace of the primordial Guru Dattatreya, may you all realize this message and become an integral part of Sadguru’s lineage. Just like the droplets reach the clouds, get purified and pour back as rain; may all the disciples reach the lineage of Guru and become like the droplets of nectar. This is the wish of Sadguru Datta. Where ever we are, however we are, let us try to remain like pure droplets.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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