Datta Maata 63: What is true leadership?

Each and every individual have the desire to become leader. People keep on dreaming that they will become leader one or the other day. Despite being incapable, any person becomes glad to utilize the opportunity of spearheading. One enjoys being superior over others. There are two reasons behind such desire. The first thing is one wants others to follow one’s orders and secondly, others must serve oneself. Man strives a lot to fulfill these desires and attains the leadership over others. These desires are extremely powerful and hence man does not step back to tread the path of non-righteousness. This is what we usually see in this world.

There are also certain people who are quite opposite to this. The quality of leadership comes to them without any difficulty. They get such opportunity suddenly. Such people believe that the opportunity of being the forerunner has been bestowed upon them by God only to serve the society. There are many such people. They do not have other thoughts. Leadership quality comes to them automatically and they accept it gracefully believing it to be the boon of God. In their opinion, a leader is only meant to serve the people and instead he is not meant to be served by people. Few have understood this. They order others only for their benefit. They do not get any happiness just because their orders are obeyed. The latter are very rare to be seen whereas the former persistently strive to retain their leadership. The people of first category have satisfaction.

In today’s world, each and every person has the yearning to dominate over the one who bears the higher position and he tries secretly to reach that stage. Long ago, this kind of longing appeared in the form of severe penance. In those days, there was no cheating in the name of God. But in this time of Kali, deception has increased. We have the strong feeling that this is the age of Kali. As a part of such deception, the feelings of atheism also are ruling the world. Each and every one is worshipping God to attain the leadership but if the same worship is done by others, then it becomes a danger for him. So, he instead publicly criticizes the religion. We must not become atheists because of that propagation. We need to be careful. We must analyze such kind of evil politics around us. Nobody should tread the path of evil politics to attain leadership. Similarly, we must not surrender ourselves to the teachings of wicked politicians. You all must follow these instructions. Few consider scolding God, Gurus and dharma to be leadership. People also appreciate and clap. They also follow. But, such leaders secretly go to God and safeguard their future. This is not good. You need to be careful. Let us learn about this further.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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