Datta maata 2: Use satsang as a tool to obtain liberation.

Just assume that there is a triangle shaped boat tied with three strings at its three corners that is being pulled by three people in three directions. To which direction will the boat go? Those who know about vector algebra can answer this question correctly. The boat’s resultant movement will depend on the resultant magnitude, direction and force with which it is being pulled by the three people. In a way, our life is also a triangular boat. Our friendships, desires and the attributes that we acquire from previous birth are the three forces that pull our lives towards their directions.

Yadbhāvamāpthuṁ hṛidi vāñchasi tvaṁ
saktosi yadbhāvayutairjanaiśca;
Prāgvāsanābhirnicitosi yābhiḥ
uthpadyate te tribhiradyabhāvaḥ.

This sookthi tells us that the present situation will be based on what we want to become (desires), our friendships and the attributes that we have acquired from our previous birth. The resultant will be decided based on the strength of each of these three. Such resultant force will drag this body along with the mind and the senses. What is it that we must do to make this boat (body) reach the bank?
Out of these three forces, which one can be brought under control? The desires and attributes are not under our control at all. We can only control our friendships. We can change ourselves by doing friendships with noble persons. Then, this force will become stronger than the other two. That is why, those who take refuge in Sadguru tread the good path easily. Such is the power of satsanga. Hence, we must only cultivate good frienships as much as possible. It will take us to great heights. Why have we called this body as boat? In this world, samasara (cycle of births and deaths) is the biggest ocean. We are pulling our body in it. When this boat is dragged with the powerful string called noble friendship, it will reach a noble position. Else, we do not know where this boat will go in this vast ocean of samasara because desires and attributes acquired from previous births are not under our control. Noble friendships can grant us mukti (liberation from the samsara).

Jaya Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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