Mind is like a white cloth (Hindi) ~ Aug 16, 2014


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  1. Jaya Guru Datta Pujya Appaji _/\_!!
    Anantha Koti pranams at the Lotus feet of Our Sri Krishna Sadgurudeva _/\_!!

  2. ‘Mind is like a white cloth. It takes the color of the substance in which it is immersed.’
    Puttuji, Thank You for this colorful simile reminder.

    SBS Gems: Sivananda Lahari, August 11,2014.
    Dattavani.org Courtesy: Hira Auntiji.
    Karasthe hemadrou Gireesha nikatasthe dhana pathou,
    Gruhasthe sarvabujamara surabhi chinthamanir gane,
    Shirasthe sheetamsau charana yugalsthe akhila shubha,
    Kamartha dasyoham bhavathu bhavadarthe mama mana ||

    “The only thing you do not have is my heart/mind. It is still with me. I have not given it away to you as yet. How cleverly Sri Bhagavatpada speaks. Please accept this. May my mind and all my thoughts be of use to you and of help to you. I wish that they should completely belong to you as your own possessions.
    Daily if you chant this hymn/stotra knowing the meaning and feeling it within your heart, I challenge that concentration will improve and the mind will get cleansed.
    When such a mind is offered to God, He will happily accept and lovingly cherish this gift.
    Please accept my mind as a gift from me. At least for a moment in this entire lifespan we should be willing to surrender our minds to God. For achieving that one moment of surrender we need all this constant sadhana/continuous spiritual practice. You must teach your children about this concept. God should acknowledge that our mind has been fully surrendered. For that, life-long practice is required. Ego may suddenly raise its head. It is like climbing the hill one more time. Hence, keep on climbing to have the darshan of God. I pray that God should grant you the ability to surrender your hearts and minds to Him. Our minds are like elephants and horses that will be kept under His control. Unless God has created this transcendental bliss, we would not be praying for the removal of sorrow and the experience of such bliss. We must keep reminding ourselves of the joy that God has created.”

    Mind is like a while cloth. However, the mind also has monkey tendencies – it tends to go towards those physical objects whose thoughts it is fed. If the mind is fed the good thoughts – it will stay on the righteous track. If fed anger, avarice, jealously, and other harmful tendencies – it will gravitate towards objects that represent them. The mind can be controlled through DKY and Pranayama. Mind control is the first and perhaps the most pivotal step towards God realization.

    Sivaya Guruve Namaha!! Sri Guru Datta!! Om Namo Hanumate Namaha!!

  3. Jai Guru Datta Swamiji.

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