Sri Guru Gita – 27 June 2014 – Episode 187

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    • Archana on June 28, 2014 at 12:15 am

    Jaya Guru Datta. Episode summary:

    Jaya Guru Datta.
    Now, let us learn a little about the honey bee. We discussed that the honey bee works very hard in gathering nectar from each flower. It flies to each flower, draws the nectar and stores it in one place. It hides the honey as if it’s a great treasure. We discussed that one day, someone else will steal the treasure. He will smoke out the beehive and take away the honey. All the efforts of the honey bee who was the owner of the treasure until then become futile. Until the honey is stolen, the bee is very pleased with its big store of honey, its big box of honey. It stores the honey in the box and drinks the honey over a month. During that time, it doesn’t fly anywhere, just enjoys drinking the honey. Every bee in the hive thinks greatly of itself, it is happy thinking the honey belongs to it.

    When the honey gatherer smokes out the beehive and drives away the bees, the bees’ distress is hard to see. The effort of the bees in gathering the honey becomes futile because the bee did not even enjoy the fruit of its efforts. Instead of enjoying what it gathered right the next day, it stores the honey to enjoy it later on, after the full moon, perhaps. Don’t know what that calculation is and why God made it like that.

    Keeping the honey bee in mind, a seeker should also gather only as much food as necessary. If he stores the food for the afternoon or for the evening, he will lose like the honey bee does. It he hoards for another day, for another year, what’s going to happen? Someone else will take away whatever he has. Caught in the web of desires, he gets ruined. They are giving this example to tell the seeker that instead of hoarding objects, one must making life fulfilling by engaging in earning knowledge, because knowledge cannot be stolen.

    Next, deer. What did I learn from deer? Man is very intelligent. The deer has no intelligence. Intelligence is the only difference between the two. That is why, an intelligent man should not live like the deer.

    “Jantunaam nara janma durlabham”

    Sankara Bhagavatpada described in many texts, especially in Viveka Choodamani the greatness of the human birth. One must make his life fulfilling and not waste it away. Living righteously, he must undertake tasks related to Dharma He must fill his life with Dharma. He must gather knowledge and strengthen his mind. He must control his sense organs and rein them in. He must slowly bring his mind under control. These are a must to living a disciplined life. If you want to live a disciplined life, you have to apply these in your life.

    We do not know where bad things may come from, but when man lives with knowledge and awareness, there is no need for any kind of fear. He will withstand bad from any direction. That is why, a seeker should never accept things that increase his desires. Those who encourage those desires should be kept at a distance. He must be careful around them. He must be disinterested in those matters, “I know it, it’s okay, I don’t need it. I am happy with what I have”. Only when you can be this way, can you win. That is why elders tell us to always stay away from the wicked.

    Jaya Guru Datta.

    • Srikantesh on June 28, 2014 at 1:51 am

    Jaya Guru Datta.Om Namo Hanumathe Namaha.

  1. Jayagurudatta srigurudatta Puttujii

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