Srinivasa Kalyana 27: King Akasharaja finds a infant Padmavati when digging the earth;

In the beginning of Kali Yuga, in the dynasty of Chola king , Sumeera became the king . He was blessed with two sons by names Aakasha and TondamAn . They were very strong and also very devoted to SriHari . Aakasha Raja became the king for TondamAn kingdom . He was righteously ruling the kingdom . He was married but did not have children for several years . He discussed the same with his ministers and scholars and was suggested to perform Yagna to be blessed with a son . The king initiated to start the Yagna and tried to perform Puja to the Mother Earth and started ploughing the field. He was able to plough smoothly but after a while , it got stuck as some hindrance was there . The oxen too were unable to proceed further .

Here we are reminded of the birth incident of Sita Mata . When they looked at the hindrance , they found a thousand petalled lotus flower. The flower emerged with a bright light making the ambiance too very bright . As Aakasha Raja went close to it and looked , he found a very cute baby resembling a fruit .

Aakasha Raja felt happy looking at the baby and said that it was really his own baby . He thought, “I began a yagna seeking a son; I got a daughter”. Suddenly a celestial voice was heard. It said that indeed the baby was his baby and that the king would become eminent only because of his daughter . Listening to this , Aakasha Raju became happier .

He warmly held the baby and put her In the hands of the Queen Dharani Devi saying that the baby was God given and that since she was found in a lotus , she should be called Padmavathi Devi . As Padmavathi entered the house , the queen Dharani Devi conceived and gave birth to a boy baby who was named as Vasudhanu. The king was happy with Padmavathi as she brought luck to him by getting Vasudhanu for the King .
Aakaasha Raja felt happy that all the auspicious changes had occurred only after the arrival of Padmavathi . The king was feeling endlessly happy as his daughter Padamavathy was passing through all the stages of Infancy , Childhood and Youth . Padmavathi was growing to be a very beautiful female resembling Lakshmi , Infact she was the incarnation of Lakshmi . It is like complimenting jaggery that it tastes just like jaggery. If we compliment any girl that she looks like Lakshmi , it is fine . But how can we say the incarnation of Lakshmi Devi that she resembles Lakshmi ?

Aakaasha Raja was tired of searching for a groom for Padmavathy as in case whether goddess or a human . At times after searching all over , we end up finding a groom in the neighboring house itself . As it was in those olden days and the days of values , the king was searching for the best groom of his status . Looking at this , Padmavathi’s friends were wondering  and were all waiting for a correct time to tease Padmavathi with the point that her father is searching for the best groom for her considering that she was not aware of it .

One day all of them went to a garden and started playing hide and seek . We can imagine how freely they were playing several games . After playing so much they felt very hungry .

Generally after going on a walk, people get exhausted and eat like gluttons . After fasting for a week , suddenly people eat like gluttons which is not a good exercise and dieting . Some people after keeping awake on Shivaratri , will sleep for three days which is not correct . One needs to be organized in exercising and dieting .

Here the friends were playing and were tired. They were resting. They said, “Why are you playing with us friends? This is the age when you should be wandering leisurely with a prince”. Padmavati felt shy. Yet at the same time she was angered with them. Her friends began to pull her leg. Having teased her they left her alone and went away.

Padmavati went and sat beneath and tree and pondered- why are my friends teasing me in this manner? I am still young and am in the playing age. I should now find an astrologer who will predict my future’-

Even as she was thinking, an old ascetic female came there saying- “I can predict your future.” Padmavati could not figure out whether it was a man or a woman who had suddenly appeared from behind the trees. The disguise was funny.

Seeing him she asked, “Who are you?” “I am your family priest” replied the person. “Now quickly show me your hand. I will predict your future. I will tell you the kind of husband you are going to get. I will give details of the groom and his location”.

Padmavati was terrified. she wanted to run away from there. The old ascetic said, “I am like your father. Do not get terrified. I know the desire in your heart. Unless you know your future you will be anxious. hence learn from me the details of your future husband. I will tell you the exact details”.

Padmavati was now convinced that the ascetic spoke the truth. She allowed him to read her palm. He said, “Wonderful! Aha! What a divine hand this is! I have never before come across a divine wonderful horoscope like this. You will not marry any ordinary man. You will marry the Supreme Lord himself! He will meet you shortly. He is living here nearby. I bless you”. saying this he disappeared.

“Narayana! Narayana!”- said the ascetic and then assuming his original form as Narada he went away happily.

Padmavati was unsure whether it was a dream or real. So she checked behind the tree if he was still there. there was no one.

Padmavati was thrilled with this prediction. Her heart was instantly fixed upon the Supreme Lord Madhava.


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