Srinivasa Kalyanam 26: Varaha gives land to Srinivasa; Vakula-devi recollects her past birth as Yashoda

This Venkatachalam is famed across the three worlds. This is greater than Vaikuntha. It is dearer to me. I will stay here till the end of Kaliyuga. Hence, in this age, Lord Srinivasa is our only God. We must worship him as the sole God on earth in kaliyuga. Expressing His fondness for the region, Lord Srinivasa, requested Varahaswamy to give him some place on the earth, which Varahaswamy has salvaged.

Land is one fourths of the earth. We are surrounded by water. An apocalyptic wave in the waters that will submerge the land mass is imminent. Even today, several calamities occur across the globe where small landmasses are getting submerged. Land is disappearing.
Since you are the one that has protected it, I request you to give me some space here, said Lord Srinivasa. I shall be witness to the happenings during Kaliyuga and will protect my devotees. There is so much mystery in the ways Gods speak. It is confusing at times. Maybe such words are a test for us. For example, though bewildered by the all-pervasive Maha Vishnu’s request, Varahaswamy proposes to sell a piece of land to Lord Srinivasa.
Since he has assumed human form, and it is important for us to understand that we cannot take anything from anybody free of cost, Varaha Swamy asks Srinivasa. Srinivasa then replies that his bank balance (Lakshmi Devi) has left him. He has no money or any kind of wealth to trade in the land. Instead of wealth, Srinivasa proposes that the first darshanam and first naivedyam will be offered to Varaha Swamy in the temple to be built. Will you agree with this deal, asked Srinivasa?

What is there to say, said Varahaswamy. This is your land. Do as you please. You are on my southern side. This land of 100 feet is yours. But will you do me a favor? Srinivasa thinks – it is my duty to oblige the one who has sold me his land and hence I shall oblige.

VarahaSwamy tells him that He an old woman named Vakula Devi has been serving him as a cook devoutly for a long time. Now that he will be offered the first naivedyam, there is no need for any separate cooking for him. Hence, Varahaswamy request Srinivasa to take care of Vakula Devi. I feel you will like this idea, says Varahaswamy. Listening to this, Srinivasa agrees readily saying that the two are avataras of the same divine power. We are no different from each other, he says. If a person cooks for you, she is cooking for me as well! It shall be done as you say! After discussing several other details, they retired to their places. Other details such as calamities and happenings in the future in that region.
As per Varahaswamy’s instructions, Vakula Devi goes to Srinivasa. She is shocked and surprised seeing him as he looked just like Lord Krishna. She was bewildered and unable to recover from that shock- why am I seeing Krishna in Srinivasa? Srinivasa gently seated her on a seat addressing her as mother. She was shocked.

He reminds her,that she was Yashoda in her previous birth and he was her little Krishna. When I was leaving Gokula, you said, “O dear one, no amount of viewing you is giving me satisfaction. Please make it that I see you all the time.” But I told you that it will not be possible in that birth. This birth, I have made it happen. Can you recollect?” asked Srinivasa. Then Vakula Devi happily agrees.

She reminds him of another desire of hers. Though Lord Krishna married 8 times, Yashoda Devi never had the opportunity of witnessing any one of those weddings. I was not even invited. I don’t even know if I existed then. Now I feel like seeing your wedding. Then you promised that I would see in my next life, reminds Vakula Devi. Srinivasa not only agrees but also hands over the entire responsibility of conducting his wedding to her.
The lord fulfills the wishes of his devotees, however big or small. It just must be born in the heart and he will eventually fulfill the desire even if it may take several births for that. That is why, maybe it is better not to have any desires. Else, in the process of realizing them, we are causing difficulty to the Lord and to ourselves as well, by being born again and again. We may feel in our later births that we don’t want another birth but having made a commitment to fulfill our wishes, the Lord will make us be born again so we can see our wish fulfilled. Now the blessing has become a curse. Mere thoughts will make us desire things. That is why we must only think about God. Even if we wish for something, it must be something good.
Listening to this, Vakula Ddevi was beside herself with happiness. Those are the words of my son. This is my son. I am so lucky, she exclaimed. She felt like her life was blessed and continued to take care of Srinivasa just as she took care of the little Lord Krishna and swelled with joy seeing that beautiful form.

Vishnudavu krishnudavu venkatesha…

Meanwhile, in the beginning of Kali Yuga, in Chola lineage a king called Suveera ascended the throne. He had two sons- Akasha raja and Tondamana, both of whom were ardent devotees of Srihari. Akasha raja became the king of the Tonda kingdom and ruled righteously. HOwever he was childless for a long time. Saddened, he called the learned scholars and enquired. they replied, “It is not a big problem. Many have obtained progeny with the help of Yagna. Based on their suggestion Akasha raja decided to perform a Yagna. He began to till the land for the Yagna. All of a sudden the plough stopped moving. The oxen could not move further.

we are reminded of Sita’s birth. The baffled king checked the reason. He saw a thousand petalled lotus illumining brightly. It was illumining the entire area. Akasharaja was stunned. He peeped into the lotus. A small girl was located in the lotus. she was glowing brightly.

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