Srinivasa Kalyanam 12: Narada visits the sages who are performing Yagna on the banks of Ganga

We have discussed about Venkata Ramana Swamy’s wish to stay back on the earth and protect the devotees and the world. What is He going to do later ? Where is He going to stay ? How is He going to manifest ? We will discuss now. Varaha swamy gave darshan to the king till His knees. What will happen next ? Let us recollect the Murthy of Venkateswara Swamy.

Narayana Narayana Narayana…..While chanting the nama Narayana..the first name we are reminded of is of Sage Narada. Narada is the one who had initiated the Narayana Mantra to the world which had spread like a banyan tree (Vata vriksha) in this world. All the families across the world are still chanting that nama.

On the banks of River Ganga all the sages have started to perform one Yagna (sacrifice) to have the darshan of Paramatma. Pratishtapana Yagna was going on . Devarshi Narada Maharshi was going around there and heard the mantras and felt that a huge auspicious procedure is in progress there. He felt that His part should be played in the Yagna as it was not an ordinary Yagna. Narada said that He just happened to go there and was not intentional and was not aware of the event too. It is common to say this in scriptures.

Salesmen say that the saree is a unique one and there is only one piece. Nothing wrong . That is his business. Narada actually came down with a purpose. Why should anyone be invited for auspicious work? It is a great event and we need to go on our own and help, in fact. He did not know that Yagna was going on. Voluntarily, one should take part in the the Maha-yagna program not expecting any special treatment for them. Narada felt that it was not an ordinary Yagna and hence he wanted to be part of yagna. He brings Himself into the limelight. Looking at Narada, some were very happy and others got tensed as He is capable of making or marring. But all the sages worshipped Him . Requested Him to address.

Narada wherever He goes, He appreciates the Yagna and declares that it is unparalelled. Narada addressed the gathering of all the celestials and sages. Kashyapa and Bhrigu were also present there. Narada said that the Yagna they are performing is not an ordinary one and is very unique. This is exclusively good since they are offering it to Paramatma, whereas others do it through the celestials. You are offering it directly to Paramatma. You are doing it for world prosperity. Narada said “but “and stopped. Then everyone questioned why Narada said BUT. they were worried.

Narada said that there was no major issue but they forgot one simple thing.

He then questioned them, “why are you performing this yagna? To whom will you give the merit of this Yagna?. It needs to be given to Paramatma alone.

NOw tell me, Who is great among celestials? Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva or anyone else? To whom among them are your giving the results of this Yagna? Among the Trimurtis, who is great ? Have you ever thought of this?

You might have decided who is greatest among them. I know to whom to you are giving the results of the Yagna . I leave now. Why should I bother ? Looks like you know everything perfectly.” People talk something and say that it is not their opinion.

No one confesses one’s fault. Like the talk of the ladies who gather to collect water. They gossip for hours but when offered a seat, they say they have no time. They do not speak out their mind. Funny talk. they create rifts among people and then quietly disappear from the scene. This is not fair on their part. Yagna has no hurdles.Then for ignorance also there should be no hurdles. “Let it go on smoothly”, said Narada. To the one you decided to offer the fruit of the Yagna, convey my pranams , said Narada.

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