Srinivasa Kalyanam 25: Srinivasa asks Varahaswamy to give him a little land in Venkatadri.

Today, we shall proceed with the story of the agreement between Varahaswamy and Lord Srinivasa.

We saw that the wound caused by the cowherd brought deep pain to the Lord. Unable to bear the pain, as instructed by Brihaspati, he decided to search for herbs that could be used as medicine for the wound. He searched for a long time but strangely, no herb was to be found. The pain went down but none were found.

One fine day, as he was searching for the herbs,a huge being approached Him with loudly pounding footsteps. Srinivasa was unable to recognize Him. This was around dawn. Who comes here at this time, wondered Lord Srinivasa. Soon He realized that it was Varahaswamy. Varahaswamy had just then killed demon Vrushabhasura. The anger and ferocity had not yet gone down. He was ferocious and hence walked with pounding steps. In such intense anger, his eyes were fiery. Lord Srinivasa got scared. This happened despite Him being an avatara purusha because He was born human and is bound to have some human aspects.

Here, was one entity, very scary and simultaneously another human form, both of Lord Maha Vishnu! Naturally, the human form got scared. Therefore, unable to face the mighty Varahaswamy, the human Lord Srinivasa got scared. Varahaswamy also noticed Lord Srinivasa. He questioned Lord Srinivasa as to who gave him permission to enter his forest and uproot plants all around. Some plants were getting destroyed as well. I feel you are responsible for this, are you, he roared! Varahaswamy was unable to control the resounding voice. The region trembled, not just with his footsteps but even his voice. Lord Srinivasa who were already in pain, got scared and ran away to hide in the anthill. We must interpret such incidences as divine play. We must not question or try to find logic. Do not get the doubt as to how Lord Vishnu can be afraid of himself.
Since He has assumed the form of a human, He is bound by human nature. Just like in Rama avatara where Rama and Parashurama face each other. Similar is the case here. So, Lord Srinivasa disappeared even before Varahaswamy could catch him. When Varahaswamy followed Lord Srinivasa and reached the place, all he could see was a radiant anthill. He wondered why it was glowing. Then he realized that Lord Srinivasa was Srihari. Varahaswamy was horripilated.

Varahaswamy surrendered to him and requested him to come out of the anthill. You are verily Maha Vishnu, said Varahaswamy. During this time, the energy was getting transferred from one to another at this time.

Till now Varahaswamywas angry and He threatened Srinivasa so much so that Srinivasa rushed back to his anthill and hid. Now seeing Srinivasa in his glory Varahaswamy was terrified. It was game reversal.  Varahaswamy cooled down and began singing praises of Lord Srinivasa and asked him why He got scared seeing Varahaswamy when Lord Srinivasa was, in fact, the Lord of the entire world.
Prithvi Vaishnavi Punya…
This world is of Maha Vishnu. It belongs solely to You. You are being worshiped by the entire earth. So saying, He begged Lord Srinivasa to come out and bless him with his darshan. This endearing act melted Lord Srinivasa
Bhajan: Sri Krishna Keshava Vaikuntha Madhava

Hearing these words Srinivasa’s heart melted. Once he was pleased, Srinivasa stepped out of the anthill. Varahaswamy embraced Lord Srinivasa. Srinivasa reciprocated the affection. Seeing this, the Gods above showered them with flowers. Seeing both the forms at the same time, the Gods felt blessed. Then Varahaswamy asked Lord Srinivasa, “O Lord why did you leave Vaikunta and come to earth?” Srinivasa explained how the great sage Bhrugu kicked him and the insulted Goddess Lakshmi left Vaikuntha in anger. He narrated how He came searching for her and a cowherd struck him with the axe and how he is suffering in pain. Hence looking for medicinal herbs I have been going around, Lord Srinivasa explained. But the more I see this place, I want to say here, expressed the Lord.

“There is some kind of unique serenity here. In fact, I want to stay here. This is a very special place. Whoever comes here, their sins get dispelled. Hence this place is Venkatadri!”- said the Lord

Ayam venkatanamadri…
This Venkatachalam is famed across the three worlds. This is greater than my sacred abode Vaikuntha. It is dearer to me. I will stay here till the end of Kaliyuga.

Hence, in this age, Lord Srinivasa is our only God. We must worship him as the sole God on earth in kaliyuga. Expressing His fondness for the region, Lord Srinivasa, requested Varahaswamy to give him some place on the earth, which Varahaswamy has salvaged.

Land is one fourths of the earth. We are surrounded by water. An apocalyptic wave in the waters that will submerge the land mass is imminent. Even today, several calamities occur across the globe where small landmasses are getting submerged. Land is disappearing.
Since you are the one that has protected it, I request you to give me some space here, said Lord Srinivasa. I shall be witness to the happenings during Kaliyuga and will protect my devotees. There is so much mystery in the ways Gods speak. It is confusing at times. Maybe such words are a test for us. For example, though bewildered by the all-pervasive Maha Vishnu’s, Varahaswamy proposes to sell a piece of land to Lord Srinivasa.

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