Srinivasa Kalyanam 32: Vakula-devi speaks to queen proposing Srinivasa’s marriage with Padmavati

Govinda Sananda Ananda ParamA
Gopala Sripala Sachchidananda PayAmAm !

Today we will discuss about Dharani Devi visiting Padmavathi .

Bhajan :
Sriharim Shraye Sriharim Shraye !
Sridharam Srikaram Sriparam Shraye !
Dharani Devi reached Padmavathi’s palace . On observation, Padmavathi was by looks and mentally was else where and never noticed her mother’s arrival . She was lost in her own thoughts . She was talking to herself . But her mother noticed the traces of tears on her cheeks . The cheeks were still wet too . The unique Padma KaLa was missing on her face . Padmavathi always had a ray of smile on her face and a jumping spirit in her . But both were missing for which Dharani Devi was upset .

Dharani Devi pampered Padmavathi asking her to tell the reason for her distracted mood . Padmavathi went close to her mother and narrated ” Yesterday I had been to the floral garden where I was playing with my folklore . There arrived a person who was looking like a hunter . When He was about to catch hold of my hand , which I did not like , I instructed my friends to beat Him with stones due to which He was injured . Later listening to who He was , I felt very hurt and am not able to come over that ill feeling for the treatment my friends gave Him. I came to know that He is Srinivasa , Vaikuntha Vasa , the one who gives happiness to all the living beings , the one who bestows bliss to sages and the one whom Brahma and other Gods worship always ! He is Srinivasa ! I am in divine love with Him. I cannot live without Him . I want to marry Him. ” said Padmavathi .

Dharani Devi consoled Padmavathi assuring her that she would try to fulfill her wish of getting her married to Him. Dharani Devi also thought that she should find out whether Srinivasa likes Padmavathi and would like to marry her . She was pondering over the issue of conveying Padmavathi’s love to Srinivasa . In the meanwhile , the folklore arrived at that place along with the eleven priests that performed ablutions to Lord Shiva and also Vakula Mata who wanted to meet Dharani Devi . They also reported that they got the ablutions performed to lord Shiva as per the queen’s instructions . The priests handed over the holy Prasadam to Dharani Devi and blessed her that Padmavathi’s wish would be fulfilled .

Later the folklore introduced Vakula Mata to Dharani Devi , informed that she came on a special purpose to Dharani Devi and that it should be informed only to Dharani Devi . They both greeted each other and Vakula Mata was offered a seat and both of them were seated . Vakulamata introduced herself saying that she was Srinivasa’s mother , who stays on Venkatadri . She calls Him as Krishna . As Srinivasa liked Padmavathi, she came to inform the same and request Dharani Devi to give Padmavathi in marriage to Srinivasa . That was what Dharani Devi was also thinking of Infact and hence felt happy .

Dharani Devi enquired about the family back ground of Srinivasa . She told that Srinivasa’s mother was Devaki Devi and father Vasudeva , dynasty was Chandra Vamsham and Gotram was Vasishtha Gotram . She told that all of them address Him as Krishna at home . Outsiders call Him Srinivasa . He responds to both names . He was born in Shravana star .

She said that her son went casually for hunting the day before and somehow was directed to the garden where Padmavathi and her friends were playing . Her son , Srinivasa , as He looked at Padmavathi was very much attracted by her divine beauty and wanted to enquire the details of her family, as He wanted to marry her . But her friends instead of flower shower , threw stones on Him . But He decided to marry her and hence He informed of the same to His mother . When Vakula Mata enquired about the girl, Srinivasa found , it was confirmed that it was Padmavathi , the daughter of Aakasha Raju and Dharani Devi . Hence she approached the queen . Vakula Mata said that they make a good pair . She also said ”

Coming to my Srinivasa , He is a person of all good qualities in intellect , behaviour and courage . “

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