Srinivasa Kalyanam 33: Guru Brihaspati and Maharishi Shuka arrive to conduct the divine wedding

Dharani Devi was very happy to hear this. She asked Vakula devi to wait. She went to the king and said that she had found the reason for their daughter’s agony and also a suitable marriage proposal came for her.

Prophesy of the prophetess and the words of the future reader became true. Vakula Devi also confirmed the good news. King Akasha expressed his happiness by revealing the good news to Padmavati that Vakula Devi came to their palace with the marriage proposal. Padmavati’s glow returned to her face. Her eyes glittered with shy and happiness. All the people of the kingdom were very happy to hear the good news.

King Akasha remembered the voice who told him about the fame he would posses by the virtues of his daughter. God of Vaikunta was going to become his son-in-law. Those words came true. The king immediately started the arrangements for the grand wedding. He asked his son to go and invite the celestials’ guru, Bruhaspati. Padmavathi is very happy and blushing a lot. She is able to see the Lord everywhere! Imagine for a second, how the mind of a maiden will be, who is going to get married to her beloved. And that not with an ordinary being. It is with the Lord Himself! Her mind is not with her and she is on the cloud 9. Herself is the form of happiness! On top of it, she is getting married to the Lord! To her beloved! “Let me dance in happiness! I am going to stay with him again! I will dance in ecstacy! I will dance, singing His name!” So Padmavati’s heart is dancing, jumping, and swinging in happiness. He who meditates upon Srinivasa swings in his meditation.

Nachungi mein Nachungi Hari Guna Gavat Nachungi….

. Son of king Akasha went to heaven, invited Bruhaspati and brought him along with him to Narayanapuram. He welcomed him with all the rituals and offered him a comfortable seat and requested him to supervise his daughter’s marriage. Then he replied that he knew nothing much about Srinivasa because he lives in the heaven.All I know is that he is Maha-vishnu.

He suggested inviting Maharishi Suka Deva, the parrot sage to be the mediator for the marriage because he lives on the Earth. He would appear like a sage for the eyes of the devotees or he was a normal parrot to others. He also narrates Bhagavata, the story of Krishna.

Tondaman, the brother of king Akasha searched for Suka Deva in the forests with devotion. He met him and brought him to his city called Narayanapuram. He was very happy for his luck of being the mediator for the marriage of Srinivasa.

To those who lack devotion the sage appears like a parrot. To those who have devotion he reveals his real form.

King Akasha welcomed Suka Deva with devotion and offered him a suitable seat and asked for his permission to marry his daughter Padmavati to Srinivasa. Sage Suka said that Srinivasa was the virtuous and the richest person in the Universe. He needs not to be worried or hesitant in giving his daughter to Srinivasa in marriage. He also advised him to worship Srinivasa and offer his daughter’s hand.
Bhavatkanyeya Madhula Sriya Saharamishyati Dheyatam Deavadevaya Shankhiren Paramatmane.

He said that with that marriage his family along with his ancestors would be purified and all his next generations would proceed to the abode of heaven. He was a virtuous person in his previous birth to possess Srinivasa as his son-in-law. Sages observe penance to have a single glance of the God which was made possible for them by this marriage. Sage Suka promised the king not to leave his friendship in all his births.

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