Srinivasa Kalyanam 34: The elders discuss the finer details of the marriage

Shloka :
Bhavatkanyeya MathulA ShriyasahA Ramishyati
DheeyatAm Deva DevAya Shakhine ParamAtmanE
Sage Shuka spoke thus to Akasha Raju. “By offering Padmavathi in marriage to Srinivasa , your dynasty will prosper. I, the parrot am speaking. your ancestors go to Vaikuntha. You might have accumulated lots of virtues due to which you are getting a divine opportunity to offer your daughter in marriage to Srinivasa. I will tell you one secret . Listen. Sages like us , despite performing penance for crores of years, never get an opportunity to have Lord’s darshan. Because of you , we are getting an opportunity to have His darshan . Hence we never leave your friendship for lives to come.”

The Rishi Bruhaspati was asked to study the planetary and star movements and verify the horoscopes of both Padmavathi and Srinivasa. Padmavati’s star is Mrigasira and Atri Gotra. Srinivasa’s star is Shravana. The origin sage of his family is Vasishta. Brihaspati declared that both the horoscopes matched with each other perfectly. He had permitted them to proceed with other matters of the marriage.

King Akasha raised his hand and promised and declared the marriage of Padmavati and Srinivasa. They thought for some time as to how to approach Srinivasa. King Akasha had written an auspicious letter to Srinivasa. He wrote “My blessings to Srinivasa. I wish to give my daughter Padmavati’s hand to you in marriage”.

Sage Bruhaspati and sage Shuka agreed for this and decided an auspicious time , the muhurtam as the tenth day of the increasing moon in the month of Vaisakha on Friday for the marriage. You are invited along with all your relatives and accept my daughter’s hand in marriage. Sage Shuka will explain all the details”. Sage Shuka also had taken Padmavati’s consent and proceeded along with Vakula Devi. After reaching their place she assured Srinivasa that every thing was successful and details would be given by sage Shuka. Sage Shuka prostrated in front of Srinivasa and was offered a seat of honour. He said that King of Narayanapuram had sent him there. With the help of Brihaspati an auspicious date was fixed for the marriage of Padmavati and Srinivasa. Padmavati sent a word for him.
Twam Pratyaha Suta Bhumeh Maamaheekuru Madhava
VadAmi Tava nAmani SmarAmiTvadvapussada
Dhreeyante Tava Chihnaadi
Bhujadhvanghai Ramapate.
Pamavati said:
“I am always chanting Your name and Your name only! I always visualize Your form. I always wear Your symbols. I am always chanting Your name, oh lord of the universe! Please accept me, oh my lord!”
Srinivasa replied that he would come along with all the deities to marry her.
“Kartum Kalyana Mudwaham Agamishyami Chamarai.”
Srinivasa wrote a reply to the king. He wrote “I pay respects to you. I am happy to receive your letter. I accept to marry your daughter on the auspicious date decided by you. I come along with my relatives and all other deities to the marriage. As Sagara, the king of ocean became famous by giving his daughter to me in marriage, so do You also possess that much fame with this marriage”. He gave the letter to sage Shuka and gave a line of Tulasi beads, His symbol to give to Padmavati.

King was very happy to receive the reply. Padmavati also was very happy to receive and wear the string of tulasi beads. Srinivasa enquired Vakula Devi about their relatives. She said that all the deities were their relatives.

Srinivasa immediately reminisced Garukmantha and Adiseshu. He assembled Garukmanta, His bird cum vehicle and Sesha, his serpent bed , His close relatives staying very near to Him. Garukmanta with five colors and golden wings and Sesha with his thousand hoods appeared in front of Srinivasa and prayed with devotion.
” Sri Bhunayaka Dayanidhi Gunamrutabdhi Devadhi Deva
Jagadeka Saranya Murthe Sri Mannamda Garudhabhirarchitamghre
Srinivasa Charana Saranam Prapadhye. ”
O God who resides on the hill Vrushabhadri, You are the husband of Sri Devi and Bhu Devi. You are the almighty. I surrender to those feet to which Garuda and Sesha worship.
Srinivasa Govinda Sri Venkatesa Govinda
Tirupativasa Govinda Tirumalavasa Govinda
Datta Peetha Vasa Govinda !!

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