Srinivasa Kalyanam 35: Brahma, Shiva, great sages and other Devatas arrive for the wedding

Bhajan :

Srinivasa Govinda Sri Venkatesa Govinda !

Srinivasa had sent his vehicle Garuda to invite Brahama. Garukmanta went to the abode of Brahma prostrated in front of him and invited him for the celestial marriage. Brahma was very much pleased with the invitation and gave it to Goddess Sarswati telling that they were all attending the divine wedding. He had invited all the sages and advised them to take part in the marriage proceedings. Brahma immediately set out for the marriage. Srinivasa flew on his bird vehicle, Garuda and welcomed Brahma reverentially. He was offered a suitable seat in Srinivasa’s place.

Birds played major role in the divine marriage. Srinivasa narrated all the details to Brahma; HE informed the reasons for his coming to earth and of Padmavati’s previous story.

Garuda now went to Kailasa, the abode of lord Shiva to invite Shiva and Parvati. All the armed forces of Shiva danced with joy listening to the news of the marriage. Parvati pacified them saying it had become a practice for them to dance for any message.They are habituated to perform tandava for any reason. Parvati advised them to behave properly with discipline. Parvati said that they were going to her brother’s marriage. She asked them to remove all their stinking skin dresses, lines of beads and skulls. She asked them to wear clean silk dresses and ornaments. She warned them to stop dancing and to behave in a disciplined manner without quarrelling among themselves. She asked Shiva to remove the snake around his neck, the skin dress and the drum in his hand. She suggested him to dress in silk wear and gold ornaments.

Sundara Sundara Shiva Shiva Karuna Bandura Shiva Shiva
Sundareswara, Shiva got ready in a second in to a handsome form. After their marriage only then Parvati was seeing him again in that form. Ganesha also dressed himself beautifully. All of them reached Venkatadri and were welcomed by Srinivasa. The armed forces of Shiva were finding it difficult to restrict themselves from dancing. Parvati became busy in the wedding arrangements.

Saptarishis, the seven sacred sages were also welcomed by Srinivasa and made to seat comfortably. Srinivasa requested Indra, the king of deities to make arrangements of accommodation to all the invitees. The celestial architect had built a city for them. All the invitees were allotted with proper comforts. Celestial architect also created a beautiful Dais for the marriage in Narayanapuram. Srinivasa assembled all his invitees and sought their permission for Srinivasa to marry Padmavati. It was not an ordinary ritual. The marriage would have stopped if any one would have objected for the marriage. It is not like asking for coffee even though nothing is left to offer. Not a simple formality . It was a divine and celestial wedding.

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