Srinivasa Kalyanam 36: All the demi-gods take up various responsibilities in completing wedding arrangements


Seeing Indra, Srinivasa enquired, “Indra, can you please arrange accomodation for all my guests?” Indra immediately called Vishwakarma, the celestial architect, who constructed a huge city in itself. Indra was pleased with this accomplishment. He was proud that the work was done. Indra went and reported the completion of the task to Srinivasa. Srinivasa applauded him. Indra wanted to know if he could take up the responsibility of allotting the rooms to all the guests. Indra then assigned the rooms.

Indra then asked, “O LOrd, should we not construct marriage hall in Narayanapura?” Srinivasa agreed. Vishwakarma then completed the task.

Srinivasa then asked all the guests whether they were willing to accept his marriage to Padmavati. All the guests happily agreed.

Indra and other demi-gods were amused seeing Shiva’s troops who were fascinated with their silken clothing. They were checking each other delicate, silky clothing and were immersed in bliss.

All the Gods took important roles in this marriage. It was an extra-ordinary marriage that was beyond any comparison. It is important to know the roles taken up by each deity in this marriage. This explains the grandeur of the marriage.

All of Gods , Goddesses and other Celestials had given their consent to the divine marriage. Armed men of Shiva were admiring themselves in their silk dresses.

The responsibility of felicitating all the seven great sages was given to Shiva. The seven great sages extolled Lord Srinivasa.

The responsibility of welcoming the guests was given to Subramanya, the chief of the celestial armed force. Manmadha, the God of love offered to take the responsibility of distributing the beetle leaves and nuts. On Earth the question of cooking arises first in all the festivals and rituals. It is the nature of humans to discuss food related issues right in the beginning. But as they were all celestials, they thought of cooking in the last. The God of fire , Agni , offered to cook.

The God of wind offered to supply fragrant materials. All the guests were to be gifted with at least two or three gold chains and four or five gold rings. Kubera, the God of wealth took up the responsibility of the finance of the marriage. All the deities came forward to shoulder some responsibly in the divine marriage. Srinivasa personally was supervising the arrangements. This shows that the Lord oversees every minute aspect. When the owner is supervising every thing, small mistakes would be excused. If a broker would take up the responsibility it would cause problem.

He enquired about the water facility and the God of rains had taken that responsibility . In this way, all the five basic elements came forward and participated in the wedding arrangements.

The Moon had taken the responsibility of holding the bright lamp. Cleaning is the responsibility of a group of deities called Vasus. Yama, the god of punishments and death had taken up the responsibility of controlling the trouble makers who disturb the wedding procedure.All trouble-makers were tensed. They remained quiet throughout the marriage, scared of Yama’s whip.

All these arrangements were discussed with Brahma, the creator. All were looking forward for the divine marriage to take place.


Re Man Re Re Man Choomat Gavo Hari Ke GuN

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