Srinivasa Kalyanam 37: The seven great sages glorify the Supreme Lord, who incarnated as Srinivasa

All the respective duties were discussed and distributed and were being implemented by the deities. It is not an ordinary Marriage. It is a Divine Marriage for the well being of the Universe. All the deities were performing their respective roles to keep up their promise made to Sri Hari.

Brahma was chosen as the main priest of the marriage, who took the main responsibility for ensuring its proper completion. The powers of the five elements merged into one, all the powers of the deities came together and were waiting for the divine incident to take place.Each demi-god used his God-given energy to offer service to the Lord. They willingly took up the responsibility and completed them perfectly.

Padmavati was also very happy. Saptarishis, the seven sacred sages were very much pleased with the opportunity of praising Srinivasa on the Earth. Those prayers are called ‘Kalisantapa Haraka” means the prayers which help to avoid sorrow.

The seven great sages pray:

Sage Kashyapa says,

Kaadihreevanta Vidyaya Praptaiva Paradevata Kalou Sri Venkatesakhya Taamaham Saranam Bhaje.

Mother Goddess Rajarajeshwari who can be obtained through that knowledge which begins with the Ka and ends with Hreem manifested in Kaliyuga in the form of Venkateshwara. For this reason, the Lord is referred to as Bala-ji. To such goddess I seek refuge.

Kashyapa therefore prayed to Lord Venkateshwara seeing the Mother Goddess in Him.

Sage Atri says

Akaraadi Kshakaaramta Varnanampatim Umapati Kalou Sri Venkatesakhya Saranam me Sadasivaha.

Sadasiva the husband of Uma, who is the god of the letters starting from ‘A’ and ending with ‘KSHA’ is being called as Venkateswara in this Kali Yuga. I see Siva in him. He is my protector”. He is the God of learning.

Sage Bharadwaja says,

Bhagavan Bharavi Kantho Bhakatbheepsita dadayakaha Bhaktasya Venkatesakhya Bharadwajasya me Gatihi.

Lord Venkateshwara, who is the husband of Lakshmi, who fulfills all the desires of your my refuge. He is my goal”.

Sage Vishwamitra says,

Virad Vishnur Vidhathacha Viswa Vigyna Vigraha Viswamitrasya Saranam Venkateso Vibhussada.

O Venkateswara you are the God. All pervading.You are omnipresent. You are the creator. You are the enlightenment. You are my protector”.

Sage Gowtama says,

Gowrgareesha Priyo nityam Govindo Gopathir Vibhuhu Sharanam GowthamasyAsthu VenkatAdri shiro MaNih

“You are the Gem of the hill Venkatadri. You are the favorite to Gowreesa, Shiva. Protector of the cattle, Govinda is my protector”.

Sage Jamadagni says,

Jagtkartha Jagatbharta Jagadharta Jagnmayaha Jamadagne Prasannasya Jeeveso Venkateswaraha

“You are the protector of the Universe, you are the destroyer. You are the Universe. You are the God of the life. You are my God who is so peaceful”.

Sage Vasishta prays,

VAstu Vignana Matram Yat Nirvisesham sukhancha Tat tatbrahmai vAgamasmeeti venkatesham Bhaje sada !!

“I consider myself as the soul of the Universe and pray to Venkateswara the Supreme being who the eternal truth is, who the incomparable is, who to be known as the Supreme Being”. I am serving Lord Srinivasa .”

Saptarishi Rachitam Stotram Sarvadayahpatennaraha Sobhayam Prapnuyat Satyam Sarvatra Vijayeebhavet !!

Those who chant this Kali Santapa Haaraka Stotram written by Saptarishis, will get blessed with Lord Vankateswara’s assurance and become victorious.

Bhajan :
Venkata Ramana Sankata HaraNa Kinkara Pala Govinda.

Srinivasa allotted duties to everyone as He belongs to everyone. In anyone’s case, the number of people whom he considers his relatives may be maximum 200. He can say they belong to him. Thats all. However every entity can consider Srinivas as their relative, their God.

But Srinivasa can be called that He is MY Swami . I came to serve Him. All the living beings can say so with regard to God.I came to serve Him since I am indebted to Him. No other human being has this kind of right to be possessed by millions of living beings. . Govinda Govinda !!

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