Srinivasa Kalyanam 38: Lakshmi arrives from Kareveerapuram upon Srinivasa’s request

Brahma was arranging the sacred sticks for the marriage as He was the priest for the marriage. Srinivasa enquired Brahma about the wedding proceedings. Brahma asked Him to first take the sacred bath.

Suddenly Srinivasa started to talk in a depressed voice. He said, “Now I don’t have my Lakshmi with me. I can not be happy without my Lakshmi. I lost my glow. I cannot be happy without my Lakshmi, who normally resides in my heart “.

Brahma said that they would send a message to her. Srinivasa called the Sun and said, “O Padma bandhu! Go to Karaveerapuram. Tell Lakshmi I am not able to move any part of my body. My body is swollen with wounds and I am suffering with severe headache”. The Sun asked Srinivasa why He could not call her since anyway she resides in His heart! She is omnipresent and knows everything.

But Srinivasa said that since was in the form of a human being, he should follow the values of human being.Even in Rama avatara He projected Himself as the son of Dasaratha. So He asked the Sun to perform His duty of bringing Lakshmi to Him.

The Sun went to Karaveerapuram, the place where Lakshmi was residing. The Sun on meeting Lakshmi prostrated in front of her. He said, “O Lakshmi, who lives in the lotus, The Mother of the Universe, Oh Haripriya !! Srinivasa sent me to fetch you as He is suffering from headache, and swollen body and is lying like a log”.

Namastestu Maha Maye Sri Peethe Sura Pujithe Shankha Chakra GadA Haste Mahalkshmi Namostute. Bhajan : Kalaye Hridaye Harivallabhe Kamala Sadayam Kamaneeyam.

Listening to the prayer of the Sun, Lakshmi startled and thought of Maha Vishnu. Lakshmi immediately rushed in a chariot crying “How are you my Love?” There Srinivasa was limping. Putting one hand on Shiva’s neck and another on Brahma’s. She was very much worried to see Him in such a state. She ran to Him and embraced Him. Shiva and Brahma left them alone.

Srinivasa said, “Nothing happened but I am nothing without you. You are the consciousness within me. I can not move without you. I am taking the help of others. I am very happy to see you”. Lakshmi was so surprised with His play. She said, “Are you playing with me also ? What will be the position of others? Brahma and Shiva are also falling prey to your play. of illusion I am nothing before them. I fell a prey to your divine play then itself when the sage kicked You on Your chest. Why have You sent for me? Why did you call me ? Please tell ”

Then Srinivasa replied, “Don’t you remember the other lady, Vedavati who came out of the fire along with you in Rama avatara? You granted her a boon . Do you remember ? I have promised her to marry her in her next birth. You also agreed to that. In this birth she is born as Padmavati. Can we break our promise? Now it is time to marry Vedavati or shall I reject? Shall we return to Vaikunta? I am ready to do what ever you want me to do.”

Lakshmi replied, “Don’t you know my heart? Both of our hearts are one and the same. Whatever You think, so do I. Our opinions are always the same. So whatever You do, I will follow. Vedavati took pains as Sita and You gave her Your word, so don’t go back. I also promised Her in Her previous birth and I won’t break my promise. We should not even change our mind in front of Vishnu, So I cannot change my mind. Decisions are not to be changed.” Every one praised Lakshmi for her decision.

Once we have made a promise in the presence of all Devatas, in the presence of Mother Gowri, we should abide by our decision. Srinivasa was pleased. He now asked Brahma to instruct the next steps to be followed to complete the marriage formalities. Brahma hurried Srinivasa to proceed to the sacred bath.

God of rains and God of wind were ready to give Him the sacred bath. Again Srinivasa started His play. Brahma enquired what the matter was. Srinivasa said in a depressed tone, “I don’t have anyone to take me to the bath. I can not get up or walk”. Srinivasa was acting stubborn. Brahma was surprised why Srinivasa was behaving like this. Srinivasa shouted so that Lakshmi could hear “Who will give me mangala snana ?Srinivasa shouted at the peak of His voice, ” Again Lakshmi came and made Him walk to the bathing place holding His hand, asking “How can suddenly leg pain become hip pain? Get up! There is no pain for you!” Brahma asked Him whether they were all not His relatives to give Him sacred bath.

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