Srinivasa Kalyanam 39: Srinivasa takes loan from Kubera, the Lord of wealth, for wedding expenses

Brahma hurried Srinivasa to proceed to the sacred bath. God of rains and God of wind were ready to give Him the sacred bath. Again Srinivasa started His play. Brahma enquired what the matter was.

Srinivasa said in a depressed tone, “I don’t have anyone to take me to the bath. I can not get up or walk”. Srinivasa was acting stubborn. Brahma was surprised why Srinivasa was behaving like this. Srinivasa shouted so that Lakshmi could hear “Who will give me mangala snana ?Srinivasa shouted at the peak of His voice, ” Again Lakshmi came and made Him walk to the bathing place holding His hand, asking “How can suddenly leg pain become hip pain? Get up! There is no pain for you!” Brahma asked Him whether they were all not His relatives to give Him sacred bath. Again Lakshmi came and walked Him to the bathing place, holding His hand, asking “How can suddenly leg pain become hip pain? Get up! There is no pain for you!” She made Him to sit on a seat and gave Him the sacred bath.

Savitri Devi gave a dry cloth to wipe His body after His bath. Parvati gave sacred fragrant benzoic smoke and Sachi Devi fanned Him. Ganga Devi offered foot wear to Him. He was seated on an elevated place, while the Saptarishis were chanting Vedic hymns. Narada and Tumbura, the celestial singers were singing.

Krishna Krishna Hari Kesava Jishnu Vishnu Sada Mamava….

The celestial dancer Rambha and others were dancing. Kubera had offered ornaments and Lakshmi made Srinivasa wear them. Kubera is maintaining the account for every thing. It was the time for evening prayers and rituals. All of us should pray for three times a day. At 6 am, at noon and at 6pm. Close your eyes and pray at least for 5 minutes to your favorite God though you are traveling or in your office. This keeps you away from problems and troubles.

Vasishta asked Srinivasa to pray to His family deity. Sage Agastya came forward and reminded Srinivasa that His family deity is Shami tree and also said that Srinivasa asked him to remind that it would be found near Kumaradhara Teertham when time comes.

Shami Samayate Papam Shami Shatru Vinasini Arjunasya Dhanurdhatri Ramasya Priyadarsini Matrme Kuru Kalyanam Avighnena Surapri Kalaha Sarva Devanam Pragjna satasya Janodbhave.

Srinivasa prayed to Shami tree and asked every one ,who had accompanied him, to circumambulate the tree.

Jaya Jaya Jayee Bhava Jayahe Janani Vijayeebhava…

Srinivasa brought a branch of the Shami tree and Narada came forward and said that Srinivasa asked that when time comes remind him to plant the tree near the place of VarahaSwami. Srinivasa took the permission of Varaha Swami and planted the branch near His place. Brahma said all of them should take lunch before leaving for Narayana puram. Then Srinivasa said that He had nothing to feed them.

Then Brahma advised Him that on the Earth there was a practice of taking loan to meet the expenditure. Kubera came forward to arrange for the loan. Srinivasa had taken him to the Aswadha, the pepal tree and asked, “Give me some loan as I can not ask in front of every body. In no avatara of mine did I bring anything from Vaikunta or take anything from here. I create my money, use it and leave the Earth. But now following the rules of the Earth please lend me some money”.

Then Kubera replied that he was ready to give a loan provided Srinivasa would sign a loan document as per the rules of the Earth. Srinivasa agreed.Brahma had written the document. It follows, “Good wishes. For the purpose of his marriage Srinivasa had taken a loan of fourteen lakhs of gold coins with the symbol of Rama on the seventh day of waxing moon in the month of Vaisakha and in the year of Vilamba in Kali Yuga. He had to start repaying from the next year of His marriage. Till then the interest is to be paid”. Brahma signed as the first witness.

From that time He has been performing His marriage and has been collecting money every year. Shiva signed as a second witness. Pepal tree signed as the third witness. Srinivasa gave the document to Kubera and received the money The peepal tree was the third witness. He too signed. . Every one praised Kubera for his timely help. Bhajan: Kubera Dheera Jayee Bhava Kumargadoora Jayeebhava….

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