Srinivasa Kalyanam 40: Fire-god expresses helplessness to cook in absence of adequate vessels

Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Jayee Bhava Jayahe Janani Vijayee Bhava

Srinivasa brought a branch of the Shami tree and Narada came forward and said that Srinivasa asked Him to remind to plant a tree in the ambiance of VarahaSwami . Srinivasa having taken permission of Varaha Swami , planted the branch near His place.

Brahma intended and instructed everyone to have lunch before leaving for Narayana Puram. But Srinivasa had nothing to feed them. Then Brahma advised Him that on the Earth there was a practice of taking loan to meet the expenditure. Kubera came forward to arrange for the loan.

Srinivasa had taken Kubera to the Aswadha, the pepal tree and asked, “Give me some loan as I can not ask in front of every body. In any of my avataras I did not bring anything from Vaikunta or take anything from here. I create my money use it and leave the Earth. But now following the rules of the Earth please lend me some money”.

Then Kubera replied that he was ready to give a loan provided Srinivasa would sign a loan document as per the rules of the Earth. Srinivasa agreed. Brahma had written the document. The document goes like this . “Good wishes. For the purpose of his marriage Srinivasa had taken a loan of fourteen lakhs of gold coins with the symbol of Rama, on the seventh day of waxing moon in the month of Vaisakha and in the year of Vilamba in Kali Yuga. He would have to start repaying from the next year of his marriage. Till then the interest is to be paid”.

Brahma signed as the first witness. From that time He is performing Srinivasa Kalyanam every year and is collecting money . Shiva signed as a second witness. Peepal tree signed as the third witness. Srinivasa gave the document to Kubera and received money.

Every one praised Kubera. Bhajan: Kubera Dheera Jayee Bhava Kumargadoora Jayeebhava….

Srinivasa again gave the money to Kubera and asked him to use it for all the expenditures. Srinivasa sent Subhramanya who was passing by, to call his foster father Agni, the god of fire. He enquired him whether he cooked for the guests.

He replied, “The seven hills are filled with the guests. Not an empty place is left on the hill. I have already made a mention of the vessels and nobody paid any attention to it. Now I don’t have vessels to cook for so many guests.” It is like the story that a man had boasted himself to carry a mountain on his shoulders. When everybody assembled to witness the feat he said that he would carry the mountain provided any one lifted it and kept it on his shoulder.

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