Srinivasa Kalyanam 5: Varahaswamy settles on Venkatadri hill together with Bhu-devi

2. In Treta Yuga, the demons created chaos and troubled sages and good people . The Lord manifested in human world as a human being, Sri Rama underwent many difficulties. No human can face such troubles . Sita Mata , Rama’s mothers Kousalya and Sumitra also struggled . The intensity of those difficulties can be understood only when men and women face such troubles . Human beings are called just “grass ” with no profound strength. Lakshmi never stayed away from Vishnu and hence called ANYAPAYANI . Every time Vishnu had taken an Avatara , Lakshmi also manifested and hence called Ayonija ( Not born from womb )
3. In Dwapara Yuga , Vishnu emerged as Lord Krishna and established Dharma.
4. In Kali Yuga , Lord Vishnu descended to earth directly from Vaikuntha . Prior to this , Vishnu descended as Varaha Murthy and went round the earth along with Lakshmi Devi .
Bhajan :
“Govinda Sananda Ananda
Gopala , Sripala , Sachidananda Payama . ”
When Lord Vishnu wanted to go back to Vaikuntha , Brahma was perplexed and prayed to Varahaswamy and requested Him to take care of the earth by staying back on the earth. Earth is Infact very beautiful . The land is very attractive . Americans project even a garbage basket very artistically . I miss it in India . Lord Venkateswara stays there where there is neatness and cleanliness . Venkateswara clears all your problems . Swamiji also is very particular about cleanliness especially in Ashrama. But people do not listen.
Varaha Swamy was searching for a good place . Garuda created a divine mountain and Varaha Swamy with Bhoodevi settled as Murthies. That mountain is called Venkatadri .
Varaha Vapusha Devo
VIHARI Nandanatate
Swapoorva Niyatavaasam
Pravede Venkatachalam .
In the meantime , Sri Hari had taken human form as Srinivasa . There is a lake pushkarini in invisible form. That lake is called Varaha Pushkarini . Brahma was very happy for Varaha Swamy for obliging His request to stay in Bhooloka .An Anthill was formed around Srinivasa . Brahma requested Srinivasa that in future , devotees should first have the divine Darshana of Varahaswamy and then go for the Darshan of Venkateswara Swamy . Srinivasa granted the boon. In Datta Venkateswara Swamy Temple also first Darshan should be of Varahaswamy , carved inside the stone which is placed in the temple premises .
Varaha darshanAtpurvam
Srinivasa Namennacha.
In case , devotees do not practice this , Venkateswara Swamy does not give a happy blessing. Varahaswamy is settled as ” Jaladhi Vasa ” in Pushkarini . We now discuss the story of Varahaswamy .

Having settled in Pushkarini, Varahaswamy often used to give Darshan to people and bestow upon them amazing prosperity . In the same area , a Brahmin named Nishada lived . with his son. Varahaswamy bent upon proving the boon that people should have Varahaswamy’s Darshan before that of Lord Venkateswara . He wanted to try it through “Nishada “. He observed Nishada’s daily rituals. Nishada used to give all the provision to a Brahmin , get them cooked , then first offer sacred food to Srinivas and then he used to eat . One day Nishada wanted to offer honey to Lord Srinivasa . Nishada informed the same to his son and asked him to take care of the provision as he was going to forest to get honey . After prolonged waiting for his father , the son lost patience as he was hungry. Hence he cooked food , offered to Srinivasa and ate the divine food /Prasada. .

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