Srinivasa Kalyanam 41: Srinivasa accepts Sage Shuka’s hospitality

Srinivasa sent Subhramanya who was passing by,to call his foster father Agni, the god of fire. He enquired him whether he cooked for the guests. He replied, “The seven hills are filled with the guests. Not an empty place is left on the hill. I‘ve no vessels to cook for so many guests.”

Then Srinivasa gave him an idea to cook rice making the tank Pushkarini as a vessel. Use the tank Papanasanam to cook Sambar, tank Akasha Ganga to cook sweet rice pudding and the tank Tumburu to cook lemon rice garnishing with tasty cashew nuts. Vegetable curries were to be cooked in other small tanks.

Agni praised, Srinivasa ” You are very mystic who makes the impossible to possible. This idea did not flash in my head. Now in no time I will cook for all the three hundred and thirty three millions of deities.” All the deities had come down to earth. Not even a security guard is left in the heaven. All the deities were ready to eat sitting in rows. The rows started from Seshachalam and ended in Srisailam,Lord Shiva’s hill and went through Ahobilam, Lord Narasimha’s hill. Deities ate in seven such rows in seven batches on that day.

Narasimha is very short tempered so the food was offered to him first. Brahma had given permission to serve the food. Srinivasa standing in the middle of the rows with folded hands had asked for excuse for not being able to serve rich food for them. But all the deities said that they were all satisfied with the food which was tastier for them than any other rich food.

Srinivasa was giving training to all the human beings about the manners of the host while hosting the guests. Lakshmi and Brahma also had taken food at the end. That night everyone rested there. Srinivasa had sent Garuda to find whether every one was ready to leave for Narayanapuram early next morning.

Brahma came to Srinivasa and said that everything and everyone was ready. He signaled every one to move. The trumpets were blown. The drums were beaten. All the instruments were being played at their highest volume. Chariots were started in a procession. Srinivasa mounted his vehicle bird Garuda. Lakshmi devi was seated in golden chariot. Vakula Devi started in a plane. Shiva was walking to the right of Srinivasa and the god of wind to his left. Subhramanya the chief of the celestial armed forces was walking at the back of Srinivasa along with his force. All other deities, sages, dancers and singers were walking in front of Srinivasa.

The god of death and punishments was supervising the procession. Celestial singers were singing, dancers were dancing and the sages were chanting Vedic hymns. Some other sages were showering flowers on Srinivasa. Ganesha was organizing the procession. The procession was very much crowded so that all were pushed forward automatically without walking. The procession had reached the ashram of the sage Suka. Suka was standing there holding the auspicious sacred coconut in his hands to welcome Srinivasa.

Srinivasa dismounted his vehicle bird and the sage prostrated at Srinivasa. He said, “I am very fortunate to receive you today. Sacred sages perform penance to have a glance of you. My birth is fulfilled. Please be my guest for today as you are proceeding for your marriage.”

Srinivasa objected saying, “I am a family man and you are a bachelor parrot sage who eats nuts. How can you host me? Consider that I had accepted your invitation.” But the sage had insisted him to be his guest. Before Srinivasa would object again Vakula Mata went there and convinced Srinivasa saying, “He was the motivating force behind your marriage. Every thing was possible because of him. Have you forgotten? Please accept his request.”

Srinivasa agreed and went inside his ashram. He had offered him a seat. He had offered a pudding made out of grains and sunflower seeds chutney and tulasi leaves soup. All other sages waiting outside felt disgraced as they were not offered any food. Srinivasa had put his hand on his stomach and said ” let the food be offered to all the living beings.” Suddenly all the members of the procession felt the satisfaction of eating food and started to burp loudly.

Sage Shuka requested Srinivasa to stay and take rest for that day. Srinivasa had accepted. Anjaneya was watching the ashram that night. The next day the procession had started for Narayanapuram.

Bhajan : Venkata Ramana Sankata Harana Kinkara Pala Govinda Govinda

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