Srinivasa Kalyanam 42: Srinivasa marries Padmavaty

The marriage procession had reached Narayanapuram. The clamor in the procession is deafening. The people were caught in the crowd. Millions of deities were roaring high. Only dais was empty.

Bhajan : Kalyanam Kalyanam Srinivasuni Kalyanam !

King Akasha brought Padmavati, beautifully dressed and decorated, on an elephant. Srinivasa who was on Garukmanta , decorated Padmavati with His garland. Padmavati who was on the elephant decorated Srinivasa with her jasmine garland. They both exchanged garlands thrice.It was a system followed by deities. Both Padmavati and Srinivasa went in a procession and reached the venue of their resting place. Muhurtam was late in the night .

Srinivasa instructed Tondaman, the brother of king Akasha to arrange food for all the deities. . Tondaman satisfied everyone. Every one rested. Next day morning Srinavasa called sage Vasishta and said that He along with His mother Vakula, His wife Lakshmi and the priest Brahma should observe fasting on that day. Padmavati , her father, mother and brother also should observe fasting. Akasharaju was informed the same . In any auspicious function it is advised to observe fasting till the completion of the rituals.

Srinivasa instructed Kubera to inform the king about the arrangements for the dinner . King Akasha came along with his people to perform the auspicious worship to the bridegroom. Dharani Devi along with Arundhati Devi, wife of sage Vasishta had brought the sacred water from Pushkarini in a golden vessel to wash the feet of the bridegroom during Vara Puja. Vasishta had given permission to perform the worship.

The royal couple along with their relatives started the ritual. All the deities came near to watch the wonderful moment. Kayanam Kalyanam Srinivasuni Kalyanam

Srinivasa had paid respects to his parents in law. Sages were reciting Vedic hymns. Dharani Devi had poured the sacred water of the Pushkarani from the golden vessel on the bridegroom’s feet as the king Akasha Raju washed His feet by keeping them in a golden plate.They both and their relatives had sprinkled the water on their heads. Srinivasa honored Vasudhana, the brother of Padmavati with silk clothes. They had to honor each other. Dharani Devi’s rejoice knew no bounds to apply sandal paste to Srinivasa’s feet. How fortunate was the couple!

After the worship was completed king Akasha took Srinivasa on Airavata, the divine elephant in a procession through his city to the palace. The sages were reciting Vedic hymns. The royal employees who were employed to praise were praising Srinivasa. Srinivasa approached the main entrance of the royal palace. The elderly bride women welcomed Srinivasa by offering camphor which was the auspicious manner of welcoming the bridegroom.

Kalyanam Kalyanam Srinivasuni Kalyanam.

The dancers were dancing. Srinivasa was made to sit on a golden seat which is studded with the precious gems of nine kinds. The bride’s women had given sacred bath to Padmavati and dressed her in silk clothes. Her long plait was decorated with beautiful flowers. A diamond necklace was decorated around her neck. Collyrium was applied to her eyes. On her forehead a special design for a bride was drawn. It is called Kalyana Tilakam. She worshipped Mother Goddess Gowri, made offerings to their family deity and stepped onto the dais. The bride was seated to the east on a golden seat. The bride groom was seated to the west on a golden seat. A screen was held in between them. As auspicious time approached, the screen was removed! It was a divine moment!

The eyes of the bride and the bridegroom met with each other. Padmavati and Srinivasa were looking at each other. It is marriage of the Nature , Purusha and Prakriiti . The whole creation was blessed. People around echoed. What a moment to visualize! King Akasha gifted ten million gold coins to Srinivasa.A diamond crown was gifted to him.A golden chain equalling the weight of the crown,seven valuable lockets,a chain called Mukta malika and shoulder ornaments were gifted to him.

Chola king was freed from his curse of being a ghost with one glance at the crown.Ornaments in abundance were given to Srinivasa . A large golden plate and vessels were gifted to Him. Brihaspati invited with vedic mantras, “O Srinivasa accept the hand of Padmavati and grace her who has Atri as her origin family sage, who is the great grand daughter of king Suveera, the granddaughter of Sudhama and the daughter of king Akasha.”

He was chanting Vedic hymns, “Srinivasa who was born in the family whose Family sage was Vasishta, the great grandson of King Yayati, the grandson of Surasena and the son of Vasudeva is ready to accept your daughter.” The royal couple had given their daughter’s gem studded bangles worn hand to Srinivasa. As the married women (suvasinis) were singing auspicious songs, Srinivasa tied the MAngalyam.

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