Srinivasa Kalyanam 43: Srinivasa marries Padmavaty.. contd..

Mangalya Sutra Mantradi SAnkurArpanamajjatah Vaivahikam KArayitwa LAjaHomAttamevacha .

Starting with AnkurArpana , proceeding with Mangalyam dhArana and ending with Laja Homa ,

the divine wedding had taken place for four days . It was not an ordinary wedding . Whoever has witnessed it and who hears about this marriage will obtain auspicousness. Sapta Rishis and all the sages , blessed them . The celestials showered flowers . Rambha and others danced . Brahma and other celestials blessed the couple.

Aakasha Raju’s feasts and the clothes given by him made people very happy. Srinivasa also gave clothes to everyone. Govinda Raja , the elder brother of Srinivasa, invited all the celestials to his house and satisfied them with good feast and hospitality . Aakasha Raju satisfied every deity and celestial.

Kalyanam Kalyanam Srinivasuni Kalyanam Kalyanam Kalyanam Lokalanniti Kalyanam

Akasharaju handed over the responsibility of Padmavathi to Srinivasa making both of them climb on Elephants . Srinivasa said that He had many responsibilities in Seshachalam and hence both of them would proceed to that place . The parents blessed both of them and sent many precious gifts to them for their new abode. Srinivasa gently refused to take all those gifts , saying that the gifts were nothing compared to Padmavathi . He said that he was grateful to his in laws , for giving Him their daughter in marriage .

Srinivasa offered a boon to Aakasharaju , who sought for untilted faith and devotion in Srinivasa forever .

“ManaswatpAda Kamale ! Thwayee BhaktissadAstume ! ” Akasharaju expressed that he wished to be devoted at Srinivasa’s lotus feet forever . Srinivasa appreciated him and gave a boon that he would get liberated. Srinivasa felicitated Raja . Padmavathi felt sorry for leaving her parents . Akasharaju consoled her and went back to Narayana Puram .

Since Srinivasa had 6 months of wedded life Deeksha, He said that He would climb the mountain Tirumala only after 6 months . He said He would stay back , remain down the hills and stay in Agastya ashram. Srinivasa called everyone by name and asked them to proceed to their respective abodes . They left with great difficulty and reached their places .

They, while going to their respective places , promised that they visit Tirumala at the time of brahmotsavas once a year . Though they take place thrice a year , each celestial visits only once a year as per the instructions of Srinivasa .

Bhajan : Venkata Ramana Sankata Harana Kinkara Pala Govinda !!

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