Srinivasa Kalyanam 44: Srinivasa participates in the war between Tondamana and Vasudhana

Today’s discourse covers various events like Srinivasa getting back his kingdom, war that takes place between Padmavathy’s father’s younger brother and her brother’s . Venkateswara Swamy gets back his villages. Lakshmi comes back from her place of penance . Srinivasa establishes treaty between the uncle and son . He becomes a Saligrama and remains a statue . He remains as a grand Archana murthy. There are many miracles that had been taking place

Bhajan : Govinda SAnanda Ananda ParamA Gopala Sripala Sachchidananda PayAmAm !

The wedding of Padmavathy and Srinivasa had taken place in all grandeur. When Aakasha Raju was going back to his place Padmavathi felt sad for the departure . AkashaRaju consoled her and left for his kingdom.

Srinivasa informed Brahma and Rudra that He decided to stay down the hill following the rules of marriage (Vivaha Deeksha) for six months and said that later He would go to the hill . Till then He declared that He would stay in Agastya ashram. Saying this , he gifted clothes and jewels to all the celestials . He sent them all to their respective places .

In the meanwhile Lakshmi Devi approached Srinivasa to take Permission to go to Karaveeravam Puram to continue her penance . Though felt bad , Srinivasa blessed her and permitted . The newly wedded couple was staying in Agastya’s Ashrama.

In the meanwhile a messenger brought a news that Akasharaju was indisposed . Immediately , Srinivasa along with Padmavathy , Agastya sage and Vakula Mata immediately went to Akasharaja . Akasharaja requested Srinivasa to protect his brother and his son who were not in good terms . When Akasharaja gave up his life, Dharani Devi also sacrificed her life . Their celestial bodies were taken to Vaikuntha by vimana that arrived there. Vasudhama performed the rites to his parents .

Srinivasa and Padmavathy went back to Agastya Ashrama . In Narayana Pura, TondamAn and Vasudhana had big fights which lead to war . They wanted to take opinion of Srinivasa . He likes both of them but could not take a decision as to whom to support . Hence He asked Padmavathy as to who He should help. She said that Vasudhana since he is alone , needs help. Srinivasa promised His help to Vasudhana . Srinivasa noticed that Padmavati was very happy. Seeing her happy, Srinivasa was happy.

But TondamAn was very disappointed and approached Srinivasa, who assured TondamAn that he had nothing to lose as he is strong, has man power , ammunition etc .TondamAn felt very depressed . HE felt the Lord ridiculed him. Srinivasa assured Tondaman that both of them are same to him. All my devotees are equal to me.

He will not differentiate both of them . He promised that He would do justice to both of them . Srinivasa gave away his conch and discus to TondamAn , like How lord Krishna gave away military power to Kauravas and Himself was on Pandavas’ side . “Conch and discus are more powerful, than me’ the Lord said to Tondaman.

TondamAn felt very happy. HE offered obeisance to Srinivasa and left to start the war. The war was like a mini-kurukshetra war. Srinivas fought bitterly with Tondaman’s army. Due to this, Tondaman’s soldiers were getting scared and were running away. Many were killed in the battlefiled.

When TondamAn was getting demoralized , He remembered the discus given by the Lord. He immediately prayed to Sudarshana, which is the power of the Lord.

Sudarshana namastestu Sahasraraya tejase Swatejo naishtadaityaya Shatru vighnachchidhe namah !

Sudarshana  discus came rapidly. Tondaman asked the discus to attack Srinivasa who was fighting bitterly. The discus went rushing towards Srinivasa and hit HIm on his chest. Srinivas fell unconscious. Such was the power of this discus!

Padmavathi was aghast seeing this. She approached Agastya and sought help . The sage advised her to stop the war. She arrived in the battlefield. First she ensured that Srinivasa regains consciousness.

Srinivasa who was now conscious, attacked Tondaman fiercely . Padmavathy fell at her husband’s feet and begged him to stop. Srinivasa was angry seeing her.. “Who permitted you to come to the battle-field? Leave the place now”.

Padmavati was feeling sad for her uncle TondamAn . She begged Srinivasa to stop the war between her uncle and her brother.

Srinivasa heard her. He then instructed her to go away from that place . Sage Agastya arrived there. He too requested Srinivasa to bring this war to an end.  Srinivasa did not agree. He said that he had decided to send TondamAn and his son to heaven and to ensure that the kingdom was handed over to Padmavaty’s brother .

Padmavaty was even more sad. Agastya again beseeched with folded hands ” O Lord, please stop the war. Please ensure that they become friends”.

Saying this, Agastya sat in the battle-field and began meditation. Srinivasa was startled to see the sage meditating in the centre of the battle-field. He immediately agreed to listen to Agastya’s recommendation and bring the war to a close .Agastya got up from meditation. Padmavaty was happen.

The war was stopped and celestials felicitated Agastya. TondamAn agreed to oblige Srinivasa’s order . Vasudhana also said the same thing . Both of them wanted Srinivas alone! Srinivasa instructed them to be friends forever . Srinivasa instructed them to take the kingdom half each .

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