Srinivasa Kalyanam 6: Darshan of Varahaswamy must be had prior having darshan of Venkateshwara

Varaha Swamy, in the form of Varaha , having been staying on the earth and moving around on the earth itself was called as” Venkatachala Vasa” Varahaswamy found Venkatadri and chose to settle in a place of Northwest side, as a Vigraha and was living there in the pushkarini as “Jaladhi Vaasam”. Around Him was formed an anthill.

Due to His divine presence, that lake is called Varaha Pushkarini.Lord Brahma was happy with Varaha Swamy for obliging His request and staying on Venkatadri. Simultaneously, Lord SriHari has descended as Srinivasa. Brahma requested Srinivasa that in future, every devotee should first have the darshan of Varahaswamy and then go for the darshan of Venkateswara Swamy. He requested Srinivasa ( SriHari ) to grant him this boon since Brahma sincerely felt the significance of people visiting Varaha Swamy. In Sri Datta Venkateswara temple also , there is a system that first we should have the darshan of Varahaswamy carved in the stone in the temple premises and then the darshan of Datta Venkateswara. 
VarAha DarshanAtpurvam
SrinivasAnname NAcha
Darshanath Brath VarAhasya
Srinivaso NA triptyati.
Lord Venkateswara . feels happy and blesses the devotees only if this system is followed by them.
Srihari had taken the incarnation of Varahaswamy. He brought the earth out of water. He was pleased with the beauty of Bhooloka and decided to stay on for some time. He found Venkatadri and chose to settle in the Northwest place of Varahaswamy’s anthill. He used to give darshan to people at times uplifting them with His blessings. Every system should be supported by a proof followed by a story.
In the same area , a Brahmin named Nishada lived with his son. Varahaswamy bent upon proving the boon that people should have Varahaswamy’s Darshan before that of Lord Venkateswara . He wanted to try it through “Nishada “. He observed Nishada’s daily rituals. Nishada used to give all the provision to a Brahmin , get them cooked , then first offer the sacred food to Srinivasa and then he used to eat . One day Nishada wanted to offer honey to Lord Srinivasa . Nishada informed the same to his son and asked him to take care of the provision as he was going to forest to get honey . After prolonged waiting for his father , the son lost patience as he was hungry. Hence he cooked food , offered whole heartedly to Varaha Swamy and ate the divine food /Prasada.
He wanted to tell the fact to his father. But Nishada was angry when he understood that his son had already eaten. When he shouted at his son, he confessed that he offered it to Varahaswamy and then ate. Nishada was unhappy and punished his son. He wanted to slay him. The son ran out and fell near the anthill. When father was about to slay him, Varahaswamy came out of the anthill. Varahaswamy swarupa SriHari caught hold of Nishada’s hand. They had a big argument. Varahaswamy explained to Nishada that his son offered food to Him and that He was happy and then disappeared. Nishada was speechless. Nishada sat for penance near the anthill for the divine darshan. Oh Varaha! You are great! You saved Bhoodevi. I adore you! Please bless me with your darshan.
A very beautiful Bhajan:
Varam Sweta VarAkyam Samrutya Dharani haram
Danshtraghrita DharoddhAram  Srinivasam Bhajeyam .
Bhajan :
Varahaswamyki Sri Hariki VarAlakakondaku Namo Namo !!
Varahaswamy felt very happy and came out of the anthill and utterd .” I am Sacchidananda Swaroopa. You cannot see me in this form as you are not that energetic but you can listen to me. But you can see my vigraha. The vigraha consecrated by Brahma is in this anthill. You take it out and consecrate it” . In due course, Nishada discharged the duty assigned by Varahaswamy. Varahaswamy also instructed Nishada to establish a system of devotees having the darshan of Varahaswamy prior to the darshan of Srinivasa.He followed the instructions and discharged the duty assigned and got blessed .

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