Srinivasa Kalyanam 7: To bless the kirataka, Lord Varaha enters his paddy field in a boar form

We discussed Varaha Swamy’s story as per Brahma Puranam and we will now go further into the story as narrated in Padma Purana.
Srihari had taken the incarnation of Varaha swamy to protect the earth. His job was done. He brought the earth which was dropped into 3 parts of water around it. . Varahaswamy wanted to stay back on the earth for some more period as the planet earth is the most beautiful , out of the 14 worlds that exist. Varahaswamy found the mountain Venkatadri to be suitable for His stay and hence decided to reside there on the north west part of the pushkarini in the anthill. He lived along with Bhoodevi, His consort.

Once a Kinnera couple [ celestial couple] visited the area and were roaming around in this pleasant place and enjoying. They never bothered for the respect they were supposed to give to that holy place. They had no limits for their joy. One day, Durvasa, an angry sage arrived and looked at them, but they never cared or responded to him. They continued to enjoy forgetting the surroundings. They behaved without manners. Durvasa grew wild and shouted – “Oh! Couple! What kind of a place is this? Are you not aware of it? Do you not know the sanctity of this holy place? You are kinneras and are thoroughly enlightened. You have control over your form and will .Yet You have no discretion. You spoilt the sanctity of this place. Though you are enlightened souls, you behaved like animals with an animal instinct. You are shameless and are not ashamed of yourselves. You are not supposed to ignore the presence of a sage like me. Hence I curse that you forget your capabilities and celestial bliss that you are bestowed with and I curse that you be born as “Kirathaka couple.” [ the most unscrupulous folks ]

Then they realized and were shocked at what had happened. As enlightened souls, they genuinely confessed their wrong deed and never resisted the curse. But they sincerely pleaded the pious sage, Durvasa, for rectification of the curse. Durvasa controlled himself as it was a pious place and not a place to lose temper and get angry, and blessed them to stay at Sweta Varahaswamy. Durvasa assured them of their getting blessed by Varahaswamy at a later stage. For celestial people it does not take much time to rectify their mistakes and get blessed as they are sensible beings with godliness and righteousness. In due course, they were blessed with a son Chitranga.

Once Kirathaka found lots of golden paddy in the anthill. He felt astonished at the tremendous paddy grain and collected the grain. He had sown the grain in a big area of land and started agriculture. The crop was lustrous and shining to the ultimate. He was taking care of the lustrous field. He was very happy looking at the glowing field with amazing yield of paddy grain. He was worried whether the field would be attacked by wild animals or robbers. He built a big granary by making an arrangement for him to stay amidst the crop to protect the crop from all animals and the Evil eye.

Watching all these events of Kirathaka, Varaha, decided to bless him and lay a path to release him from the curse given by the sage Durvasa. Varaha in the form of a white pig came out of the anthill. Kirathaka looked at the field and Varaha entering the field. He was astonished at the form of white pig-like Varaha. It was very ferocious and unique as it was God incarnate. He entered the golden crop field and walked haphazardly damaging the paddy, cracking the twigs and grains. It was chewing the paddy. Kirathaka was watching. Varaha dug out the mud, plucked it out and with a big sound left the place. Kirathaka was all in awe.

He thought whether he dreamt of the situation. Some people dream when they are awake. When they come out the dream, they come out with a jerk. Kirathaka realized that it was not a dream as he looked at the damaged paddy field of which he would have never dreampt. He set right the crop. He constructed a fence of thorns to prevent the entry of Varaha next time. Even a fly could not enter through that. After that he thought of keeping awake but was sure of his strong and well laid fence . With this confidence he thought of sleeping just for a while.

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