Srinivasa Kalyanam 8: As the king performs abhisheka to the anthill, Lord Varaha manifests from within it

Kirathaka (hunter-tribal) was confident of his strong fencing despite the strength and power of the Varaha boar. The fence was so securely built that no human, no animal and not even a fly could enter the fence. He expected the Varaha, even if came, would go round the fence and go back. While he was making an attempt to sleep, there was a very big sound of cracking the fence. He was astonished to look at the Swaetha Varaha who destroyed the whole fencing with anger unlimited.

Varaha ate away the paddy, broke the plants into pieces. For Varaha’s strong tusks which lifted the whole earth out of the waters when it was totally drowned, this damaging job was a child’s play. He entered the field very royally. Kirathaka was standstill. Varaha had a very lavish time in the field. His mouth and tusks were like crunchers like machines. In fact they should have named crunchers, the crunching machines which are designed now, should have been named after Varaha. [Varaha brand]. Varaha lifted mud again and threw it up into the air and then on Kirathaka. Kirathaka was shocked at this most unexpected attack by varaha. All his hard work had gone in vain. He was disappointed and distressed. Varaha appeared as a man eater.

Immediately he approached the King of that place. The King vowed to see the end of Varaha. The King went to pushkarini, had a dip in holy waters and had the divine darshan and then went along with Kirathaka to the field. They got the fence repaired and were sitting on the temporary guarding station, built in the center of the crop field. It was midnight. King was just waiting for Varaha to enter the crop field. Varaha entered as usual. The tusks were sparkling like diamonds and broke the darkness filling the area with bright light creating the day light in the whole area of golden yellow fields. This indicates that Varaha removes the darkness not only in that area but darkness from our lives and ignorance from our mind also. The King was staring at Varaha.

The king felt like watching Varaha ! At once, the King jumped and ran towards Varaha , aiming an arrow at Varaha. The King planned to run behind the Varaha and shoot at it. Quite in contrast to his plan, as the King followed Varaha, He disappeared and ran into the anthill. The King went to the anthill and prayed the whole night to understand about Varahaswamy.
Bhajan : Varaha Swamy ki SriHari ki , Varala kondaku Namo Namo .
The King vowed to find out about Varaha as he had failed to kill Varaha. He promised to Kirathaka that he would kill varaha and failed in his duty for which the king felt guilty and wanted to give up his life. The voice of prophecy stopped him from doing so, saying that he had no right to end his life. “You only have to pray. Don’t be unwise. The one who is in anthill is Varahaswamy. Pray to Varahaswamy . Perform abhishekam to Lord Varahaswamy and perform penance to please him and get blessed. The King went back to his kingdom and came back with golden pots of milk and performed abhishekam to Varahaswamy in the anthill.

As the milk was dropping on the anthill, the mud was slowly getting disappeared and the idol of Varahaswamy appeared slowly from the anthill with Bhoodevi sitting on his lap. Despite performing abhishekam with lots of milk, the King was not able to have a darshan of Varaha’s feet; he was only able to see Varaha’s knees.
Shlokam : Namonamaste Khilakaranaya Namostute mandhara dharakaya
Namostute Yagna Varana Naamnee Namo Hiranyaksha Vidarakaya !
Sakala loka karana !!
The King praised Varahaswamy and pleaded to bless him with pada darshana. Varahaswamy said that the king and kirathaka were lucky enough to have the divine darshan of Varahaswamy in the form of a pig ,Varaha swaroopa literally. Varahaswamy also said that it was not possible to have pada darshana. The Lord instructed the king to consecrate another idol of Him, consecrate and perform sevas. The king performed everything as per the instructions. From then onwards, Mahalakshmi stayed back on Venkatadri blessing devotees with prosperity .

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