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Datta maata 45: Estimate your capabilities before making a promise.

Think of your capacity twice before you give promises. At the same time, stand by the promises you have made even at the cost of your life. In this world, the feelings of humans are greater than all the things that exist. The words that express them are equally greater. The sin accrued by not fulfilling the promise made is very higher than the merit obtained by fulfilling the promise. You must observe the greatness of the promise. Once a promise is made, it must be fulfilled. It is needless to say that a person will land in cruel hell if he gives a promise and purposefully does not even try to fulfill it. Protect your life from such cruel hill.

You must know your energy and then make promises. The promise made by having such wisdom is called ‘Vagdaana vidhi’ (procedure told by scriptures). The inability to fulfill the promise will result in the sin obtained by killing a person by stabbing the heart. Postponement in fulfilling the promise is equal to keeping others forcefully on fast.

There is also another kind of promise. It is consoling the people in distress, talking to them out of affection and sharing the knowledge selflessly. To satisfy these promises, assets or wealth is not at all required. Hence, the great Manu decided that the promise that is made with truth and affection as the base is the best kind of promise.

There is a great value for the promise. It is priceless. It is a sin to give promise and postpone fulfilling it. Not even attempting to fulfill the promise will accrue even more sin. In case, if you promise and put efforts to fulfill it but fail, then you are liable for pardon. Forgetting the promise is a first sin and not even trying to fulfill it even after one remembers it is the second sin. If there is a possibility to fulfill the promise but still one does not do it, then it is as good as stabbing a person’s heart. Postponement is like keeping others on fast. Instead of making them fast, it is better to seek pardon from them. The promise that consists of truth and affectionate language is the best promise. You must fulfill such promise even at the cost of your life. First of all, you must analyze your own capability and only then you get the eligibility to give promise. Boasting about yourself and giving promises is not good because people may get deceived by your ornaments, appearances etc. If we promise, that person will keep a hope on you that you will stand by it. Hence, promise is very important. Once given, you must fulfill it at the cost of even your life. With the grace of Datta Sadguru, may you all follow the procedures told by scriptures!

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!


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Datta maata 44: Time is a precious gift bestowed by God

Kālāya tasmai namaḥ! Arjuna who saw the Vishwaroopa felt happy but at the same time, he succumbed to great fear. With such fear in his mind, he asked Vishwaroopa Sree Krishna that he is unable to see his form. He asked Krishna who he is and how to understand him. Krishna answered that his form is nothing but kāla (time) and that he absorbs everything into him. God blessed us with so many things. Most valuable amongst them is the time. Those who understand the principle of time can achieve anything. Many waste time and lose.

Long ago, there lived a king. He went for a jungle to hunt. There, he found an old man who was cutting the wooden logs. Seeing him, the king mercifully went to him and talked to him. That old man told about his hardships – that no one takes care of him and that he lives alone. The king, out of compassion, gave the old man a piece of land for agriculture near the forest in charity. That forest had big sandalwood trees as well. The king left the place after doing his charity.

Two-three years passed by. The king once again went to the jungle for hunting. Once again, he saw the old man cutting the wooden logs. The king was surprised to see him. He sent out his army, called the old man and asked him about the land he has given and why he has not undertaken any agriculture over there. The king opined that the old man can live happily by doing agriculture in that piece of land instead of working hard cutting the logs. Then the old man replied that he could not plough the land that the king has given because of the presence of valuable trees over there. He felt very sad to cut the trees and sell them. But, instead he destroyed the trees, burnt them and sold the ash obtained thereafter. He also told that the money obtained by selling the ash is spent away and hence he has once again taken up the task of cutting the logs. The king then worriedly told the old man that those trees were the sandalwood trees and by selling them, even his future generations could have lived happily. The king felt sad for the ignorance of the old man who wasted a golden opportunity.

Let us think for a while. The king named ‘God’ has given us valuable sandalwood trees called ‘time’. We must understand whether to utilize it properly or to waste it like ashes. This time is like kalpavruksha (wish yielding tree). We can even attain salvation with this kalpavruksha. We can do our spiritual practice to any extent and utilize it for anything good. Hence, do not destroy and waste time. It is much valuable than the sandalwood trees. In short, you must cash this time. Hope you will understand better. It is good and can be used for anything.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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Datta maata 43: Be cautious when entertaining desires

We must carefully pray for our desires. Any work we do yields results. Not just a work, even a thought has some result. Hence, the scriptures suggest us to change our thinking process. Only few accept that our thoughts also lead to some results. Every action has its own reaction. This means that every work will have its own result. Since a thought is the one that involves the intellect, it too yields some results. To understand this very easily, we must discuss about a folk story.

On his way, a traveler reached an open ground. Since he was walking in the sun, he wanted to take rest for a while because he was completely tired and sweaty. Surprisingly, there was a tree in that ground. The traveler wanted to rest under the tree. He sat there for a while. After sometime, he felt very happy seeing the beauty of the tree and wished for a cot to rest. That tree under which he sat is ‘Kalpavruksha’, a wish yielding tree. He does not know that. Soon, a cot appeared over there because of the power of the Kalpavruksha. The traveler happily saw the cot and rested on it. He later wished for a beautiful lady to press his feet. Again, with the influence of Kalpavruksha, a beautiful lady appeared immediately and pressed his feet. His joy knew no bounds. After a while, he felt hungry. He wished for a grand feast. As soon as he wished, he was granted the wish. He ate the dishes to his heart’s content. Later, he recollected all the surprising incidents that happened till then. At once, he thought what would happen if a tiger suddenly comes and eats him. Within no time, a tiger came and ate him.

Usually, the situation of many of us is like that. God grants us all that we want. But, it is our responsibility to avoid the thoughts like that of a big tiger. The ego itself is the biggest tiger. If it finds its way in our thoughts, it will not only wash away the riches but also our intellect too. We must remember this every time. We must purify our thoughts every now and then. We must not forget that our thoughts get transformed into our actions. We must only wish for noble desires and avoid the bad thoughts. Wishing is also a great fortune. It is like a dream. Sometimes, when all our wishes are fulfilled, we get bad thoughts easily. Just because something good has happened, you wish for something else which is actually bad and it will happen just like the Kalpavruksha has fulfilled. Hence, we can be successful if an only if our thoughts are pure and correct.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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Datta maata 42: Every place has positive or negative vibrations associated with it.

Even though the entire creation is a part of God, each and every place has its own significance. Each one of us must acknowledge this fact. Let us remember this. We know about the story of Narada who forgot the greatness of Himalayas (place of penance) and instead assumed that the power of his penance is the result of his own energy.
There are many who argue that there is no necessity to go to temples when God resides right here in one’s own heart. Such people cannot understand that the temple and the surroundings are rich with positive vibes and sanctity because of the powerful recitation of Veda hymns during the consecration of the deity of the temple. The good or bad that happens to us will definitely have at least some or the other connection with our surroundings. There is a story that describes about the importance of the place of stay and surroundings.

Sree Rama entered Dandakaranya (forest) during the period of exile. Lakshmana followed Sree Rama by carrying the belongings of Sree Rama and Sita matha. When they came to a particular place, without any reason, Lakshmana told Sita Rama that he can no longer carry their belongings because he is not their coolie. Saying so, he gave all of them to Sree Rama. After walking further, Lakshmana realized that Sree Rama was carrying their belongings and repented for his mistake. He begged Sree Rama’s pardon by prostrating at his feet. Then Sree Rama told that it was not the mistake of Lakshmana. It was because of the negative vibrations of that place. The demons have performed rituals at that place and hence those negative vibes are still influencing the air waves of that place. Sree Rama further added that the mind of the person who comes there will automatically become like that of Lakshmana.

Once, they crossed the place, Lakshmana’s mind behaved well. Hence, it was not his mistake at all. Thus we understand about the influence of the place in every good or bad that happens to us. When we go to certain places, we feel so peaceful and forget all our sorrows. That is the energy of the surroundings. The mahatmas (noble souls) fill positivity to such places. Hence, in order to repair and calm our mind, we must go to peaceful temples every day. Only then we can pacify our inner self and the positive energy of the surroundings can influence us. We must go to temples at least once in a week, if not every day, the peaceful environment there will influence us and make our lives beautiful.

The same impact is felt when we make the friendship of Guru. In the presence of Guru, we feel very peaceful and forget all the sorrows. At the place of Guru, we eat very well, get good sleep and feel relaxed. Many say that they get relaxed after coming to Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashrama. They feel like eating well and sleeping happily. It is because of the relaxation of the mind because it no longer remembers the sufferings. Let us say that there is a faithful dog that takes care of its owner and his house. As soon as the dog sees its owner, it gradually rests to sleep. This means that it feels very secure because of the presence of his owner by his side. That is because of the power of surroundings. This is the impact of the surroundings and the penance of mahatmas.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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Datta maata 41: Develop unflinching devotion towards your Guru and God

There is no fear when one possesses jnana (knowledge). It is good. There is an age old adage that says: A full pot does not spill. A person with complete jnana has no fear at all. Only a person who has half knowledge faces all kinds of troubles.

There was a disciple named Deepaka who had the jnana that his everything is his Guru. With such jnana, he never succumbed to any desire or greediness. Few thought Deepaka’s devotion to be madness. It is very common to think so. But few others thought it was good to have such devotion.

Even Hari, Hara and Brahma also felt very happy for his devotion towards Guru. One day, Brahma himself came to Deepaka and asked him to wish for some boon. But, Deepaka humbly rejected saying that he needs nothing and sent away Brahma. Later, Shiva also came and he too asked him to pray for a boon. Deepaka rejected once again and sent away Shiva. This time, Vishnu came and tried to convince Deepaka in many ways but he did not have any agitation in the mind. Vishnu got irritated and he too left the place. In this way, Deepaka rejected the boons that Trimurthis were about to give. No person can be like him. He had no fear at all. Usually, when mahatmas offer boons, we fear to reject them because they may curse instead. But, Deepaka had no such fears because his everything was his Guru. Such jnana did not leave his mind even when the Trimurthis descended down to grant him boons. Secondly, he did not have wavering in his mind. Hence, he became eligible for Guru’s grace. Trimurthis blessed him with several boons happily.

Hence, a seeker, if possesses stable jnana like Deepaka will definitely receive the blessings of the Gods. We also must possess such jnana. Devotion towards Guru should be unwavering. That devotion is like a pure crystal. Guru is everything. One must keep on recollecting in the mind that Guru is the Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and he is the Parabrahma. We must strongly believe that the happiness and sorrow is also Guru. He is the foundation for all kinds of education. There is no education without Guru. It can be any field and not merely the spiritual field. Even in this worldly life, we need a Guru to learn driving. Someone has to guide even to operate a screw driver. We might have learnt it all by ourselves, but here our own heart is our Guru. So, even here there is an importance for Guru. You have learnt it by seeing someone else or listening to someone or by reading it somewhere or because someone has told you. That source is your Guru. Even though you do not have a Guru directly, by seeing, by listening or by reading, by experiencing, you learn. That itself is the Guru. When we practice such devotion, victory will definitely be ours.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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