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Jeeva Swara Raga Sagara

Saturday, May 08, 2010

On 8th evening, Music for Meditation was held in the Holland Performing Arts theater in downtown Omaha. The state of the art theater was beautiful. The inaugural lamp was lit by Mr. Pete Pirsch, Nebraska State Senator, Mr. Tomm Roland, Professor, Music Department and Sri. Vidya Shankar, Chief Priest of Hindu Temple. The Senator, Mr. Pirsch read out a proclamation issued by Mayor of Omaha, Mr. Jim Suttle. The proclamation proclaimed that day (the concert day – 8th May 2010) as “Music concert for Meditation and Healing Day”.

Sri Swamiji in His initial remarks mentioned that the Raga Sagara USA tour was wonderful. Sri Swamiji reminded that music is no replacement for medicine. Sri Swamiji stressed that music helps to ease the mind which helps the medicines to work effectively.

Sri Swamiji played Pranava Svarupam – Rushyaketu Priya, Vande Santam Hanumantam Bhajan, Jeeva Swara Raga Sagara comprising of Raga Srotashvini, Indukanti and Natha Bhairavi (Bhajan Parashiva Dayite), Dancing tune & Mangala in Saama Raga.

It was an emotional concert. Sri Swamiji’s playing of Srotashvini for the first time gave a glimpse of the power of the Raga.

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