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Visharada Raga Sagara

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sri Swamiji was accompanied on violin by Vid. Jaitra Varanasi, Vid.Mani on support Keyboard, Vid.Shankar Ramesh om Mridangam & Vid.Mahesh Bhat on Tabala.

The stage was decorated as in a Hoysala temple.

Pujya Sri Swamiji played Pranava Swarupam in Rushyaketupriya, Bhajan Sundara Sundara Shiva Shiva in Raga Abhogi and then came the three Raga composition called “Visharada Raga Sagara” – the title of the day’s concert. The composition had Bhajan “Save Save Ratnagireesham in Raga Visharada, Bhajan Tatpurushaya Namostute in Raga Nagamani and Bhajan “Pavo Sharana” in Raga Simhendra Madhyama. Sri Swamiji then played Dance tune in Raga Dheera Shankarabharana.

After the concert, Mrs.Inga Peulich, Parliamentary secretary of Education in Victoria Parliament, who was chief guest, gave a speech and thanked Sri Swamiji for coming to Melbourne and giving the healing music concert. She was honored by DYC, Melbourne. Sri.Nagendra offered two Hoysala style oil paintings.

The concert went off superbly well. During the “after concert chat” with Shankar Ramesh, Sri Swamiji praised his Tani Avarthanam. Sri.Ramesh said he felt very powerful vibrations during Sri Swamiji’s alapana of “Visharada Raga”. The new instruments chosen by Sri Swamiji had meditative undertones and the long notes played were soothing and relaxing.

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