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Nadaloka Raga Sagara

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Warangal, another ancient city ruled by Kakateeya Dynasty has the presence of a large Datta Community. Varada Datta Kshetram, was consecrated by His Holiness in 2006. This year, the devotees had completed the construction of Guru Nilayam and invited Sri Swamiji for inauguration, along with Re-consecration of Dattatreya Swamy Idol.

On 23rd morning, after Sri Chakra Puja, Pujya Sri Swamiji re-consecrated the Dattatreya Swamy Idol by performing Brahma Kalasa
Abhisheka to the new idol. In the evening was the Music concert for Meditation and Healing – Nadaloka Raga Sagara. Sri Swamiji explained that the concert was conducted here as a music service to Varada Dattatreya Swamy, who was consecrated earlier that day. Pujya Sri Swamiji played Rushyaketupriya, Vasanti, Jhankari, Neela, Shubapantuvarali, Dheera Shankarabharana and Sama Ragas during the concert. Sri Swamiji’s soothing playing of the main Raga Shubapantuvarali transported the audience to a transcendental state.

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