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Hamsanandi Raga Sagara

Saturday, April 17, 2010

On 17th April, Saturday, In the evening, Hamsanandi Raga Sagara, was held in Mc Alister auditorium in New Orleans. Kaliji gave the welcome speech. In the concert, Sri Swamiji played a new composition in Vijayanagari Raga, The  Hamsanandi Raga Sagara comprised of three Ragas. Nartaki Raga (Bhajan: Bhavaya Chitte – fourth Navavarana Kriti). Second was Raga Dhenuka (Bhajan: Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya – Jaya Devi), The third was Hamsanandi Raga (Bhajan Palaya Mamiha one of the greatest and most beloved melody from Sri Swamiji’s creations). The happy tune in Rati Pati Priya was an impromptu and Sri Swamiji excelled at the development of Raga.

Sri Swamiji had played in the same hall once before during the epic Nada Prasara tour in 1993. Then too it was a special concert. This concert too was very special. The music that emanated from Sri Swamiji was one of the very best. New Orleans, famous for all the music it has contributed must have felt happy that Sri Sri Swamiji chose New Orleans for this concert. Laura Lalita Ates, Jennifer and the local Yoga groups were instrumental for the concert.

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