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Srinivasa Kalyanam 39: Srinivasa takes loan from Kubera, the Lord of wealth, for wedding expenses

Brahma hurried Srinivasa to proceed to the sacred bath. God of rains and God of wind were ready to give Him the sacred bath. Again Srinivasa started His play. Brahma enquired what the matter was.

Srinivasa said in a depressed tone, “I don’t have anyone to take me to the bath. I can not get up or walk”. Srinivasa was acting stubborn. Brahma was surprised why Srinivasa was behaving like this. Srinivasa shouted so that Lakshmi could hear “Who will give me mangala snana ?Srinivasa shouted at the peak of His voice, ” Again Lakshmi came and made Him walk to the bathing place holding His hand, asking “How can suddenly leg pain become hip pain? Get up! There is no pain for you!” Brahma asked Him whether they were all not His relatives to give Him sacred bath. Again Lakshmi came and walked Him to the bathing place, holding His hand, asking “How can suddenly leg pain become hip pain? Get up! There is no pain for you!” She made Him to sit on a seat and gave Him the sacred bath.

Savitri Devi gave a dry cloth to wipe His body after His bath. Parvati gave sacred fragrant benzoic smoke and Sachi Devi fanned Him. Ganga Devi offered foot wear to Him. He was seated on an elevated place, while the Saptarishis were chanting Vedic hymns. Narada and Tumbura, the celestial singers were singing.

Krishna Krishna Hari Kesava Jishnu Vishnu Sada Mamava….

The celestial dancer Rambha and others were dancing. Kubera had offered ornaments and Lakshmi made Srinivasa wear them. Kubera is maintaining the account for every thing. It was the time for evening prayers and rituals. All of us should pray for three times a day. At 6 am, at noon and at 6pm. Close your eyes and pray at least for 5 minutes to your favorite God though you are traveling or in your office. This keeps you away from problems and troubles.

Vasishta asked Srinivasa to pray to His family deity. Sage Agastya came forward and reminded Srinivasa that His family deity is Shami tree and also said that Srinivasa asked him to remind that it would be found near Kumaradhara Teertham when time comes.

Shami Samayate Papam Shami Shatru Vinasini Arjunasya Dhanurdhatri Ramasya Priyadarsini Matrme Kuru Kalyanam Avighnena Surapri Kalaha Sarva Devanam Pragjna satasya Janodbhave.

Srinivasa prayed to Shami tree and asked every one ,who had accompanied him, to circumambulate the tree.

Jaya Jaya Jayee Bhava Jayahe Janani Vijayeebhava…

Srinivasa brought a branch of the Shami tree and Narada came forward and said that Srinivasa asked that when time comes remind him to plant the tree near the place of VarahaSwami. Srinivasa took the permission of Varaha Swami and planted the branch near His place. Brahma said all of them should take lunch before leaving for Narayana puram. Then Srinivasa said that He had nothing to feed them.

Then Brahma advised Him that on the Earth there was a practice of taking loan to meet the expenditure. Kubera came forward to arrange for the loan. Srinivasa had taken him to the Aswadha, the pepal tree and asked, “Give me some loan as I can not ask in front of every body. In no avatara of mine did I bring anything from Vaikunta or take anything from here. I create my money, use it and leave the Earth. But now following the rules of the Earth please lend me some money”.

Then Kubera replied that he was ready to give a loan provided Srinivasa would sign a loan document as per the rules of the Earth. Srinivasa agreed.Brahma had written the document. It follows, “Good wishes. For the purpose of his marriage Srinivasa had taken a loan of fourteen lakhs of gold coins with the symbol of Rama on the seventh day of waxing moon in the month of Vaisakha and in the year of Vilamba in Kali Yuga. He had to start repaying from the next year of His marriage. Till then the interest is to be paid”. Brahma signed as the first witness.

From that time He has been performing His marriage and has been collecting money every year. Shiva signed as a second witness. Pepal tree signed as the third witness. Srinivasa gave the document to Kubera and received the money The peepal tree was the third witness. He too signed. . Every one praised Kubera for his timely help. Bhajan: Kubera Dheera Jayee Bhava Kumargadoora Jayeebhava….

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 38: Lakshmi arrives from Kareveerapuram upon Srinivasa’s request

Brahma was arranging the sacred sticks for the marriage as He was the priest for the marriage. Srinivasa enquired Brahma about the wedding proceedings. Brahma asked Him to first take the sacred bath.

Suddenly Srinivasa started to talk in a depressed voice. He said, “Now I don’t have my Lakshmi with me. I can not be happy without my Lakshmi. I lost my glow. I cannot be happy without my Lakshmi, who normally resides in my heart “.

Brahma said that they would send a message to her. Srinivasa called the Sun and said, “O Padma bandhu! Go to Karaveerapuram. Tell Lakshmi I am not able to move any part of my body. My body is swollen with wounds and I am suffering with severe headache”. The Sun asked Srinivasa why He could not call her since anyway she resides in His heart! She is omnipresent and knows everything.

But Srinivasa said that since was in the form of a human being, he should follow the values of human being.Even in Rama avatara He projected Himself as the son of Dasaratha. So He asked the Sun to perform His duty of bringing Lakshmi to Him.

The Sun went to Karaveerapuram, the place where Lakshmi was residing. The Sun on meeting Lakshmi prostrated in front of her. He said, “O Lakshmi, who lives in the lotus, The Mother of the Universe, Oh Haripriya !! Srinivasa sent me to fetch you as He is suffering from headache, and swollen body and is lying like a log”.

Namastestu Maha Maye Sri Peethe Sura Pujithe Shankha Chakra GadA Haste Mahalkshmi Namostute. Bhajan : Kalaye Hridaye Harivallabhe Kamala Sadayam Kamaneeyam.

Listening to the prayer of the Sun, Lakshmi startled and thought of Maha Vishnu. Lakshmi immediately rushed in a chariot crying “How are you my Love?” There Srinivasa was limping. Putting one hand on Shiva’s neck and another on Brahma’s. She was very much worried to see Him in such a state. She ran to Him and embraced Him. Shiva and Brahma left them alone.

Srinivasa said, “Nothing happened but I am nothing without you. You are the consciousness within me. I can not move without you. I am taking the help of others. I am very happy to see you”. Lakshmi was so surprised with His play. She said, “Are you playing with me also ? What will be the position of others? Brahma and Shiva are also falling prey to your play. of illusion I am nothing before them. I fell a prey to your divine play then itself when the sage kicked You on Your chest. Why have You sent for me? Why did you call me ? Please tell ”

Then Srinivasa replied, “Don’t you remember the other lady, Vedavati who came out of the fire along with you in Rama avatara? You granted her a boon . Do you remember ? I have promised her to marry her in her next birth. You also agreed to that. In this birth she is born as Padmavati. Can we break our promise? Now it is time to marry Vedavati or shall I reject? Shall we return to Vaikunta? I am ready to do what ever you want me to do.”

Lakshmi replied, “Don’t you know my heart? Both of our hearts are one and the same. Whatever You think, so do I. Our opinions are always the same. So whatever You do, I will follow. Vedavati took pains as Sita and You gave her Your word, so don’t go back. I also promised Her in Her previous birth and I won’t break my promise. We should not even change our mind in front of Vishnu, So I cannot change my mind. Decisions are not to be changed.” Every one praised Lakshmi for her decision.

Once we have made a promise in the presence of all Devatas, in the presence of Mother Gowri, we should abide by our decision. Srinivasa was pleased. He now asked Brahma to instruct the next steps to be followed to complete the marriage formalities. Brahma hurried Srinivasa to proceed to the sacred bath.

God of rains and God of wind were ready to give Him the sacred bath. Again Srinivasa started His play. Brahma enquired what the matter was. Srinivasa said in a depressed tone, “I don’t have anyone to take me to the bath. I can not get up or walk”. Srinivasa was acting stubborn. Brahma was surprised why Srinivasa was behaving like this. Srinivasa shouted so that Lakshmi could hear “Who will give me mangala snana ?Srinivasa shouted at the peak of His voice, ” Again Lakshmi came and made Him walk to the bathing place holding His hand, asking “How can suddenly leg pain become hip pain? Get up! There is no pain for you!” Brahma asked Him whether they were all not His relatives to give Him sacred bath.

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 37: The seven great sages glorify the Supreme Lord, who incarnated as Srinivasa

All the respective duties were discussed and distributed and were being implemented by the deities. It is not an ordinary Marriage. It is a Divine Marriage for the well being of the Universe. All the deities were performing their respective roles to keep up their promise made to Sri Hari.

Brahma was chosen as the main priest of the marriage, who took the main responsibility for ensuring its proper completion. The powers of the five elements merged into one, all the powers of the deities came together and were waiting for the divine incident to take place.Each demi-god used his God-given energy to offer service to the Lord. They willingly took up the responsibility and completed them perfectly.

Padmavati was also very happy. Saptarishis, the seven sacred sages were very much pleased with the opportunity of praising Srinivasa on the Earth. Those prayers are called ‘Kalisantapa Haraka” means the prayers which help to avoid sorrow.

The seven great sages pray:

Sage Kashyapa says,

Kaadihreevanta Vidyaya Praptaiva Paradevata Kalou Sri Venkatesakhya Taamaham Saranam Bhaje.

Mother Goddess Rajarajeshwari who can be obtained through that knowledge which begins with the Ka and ends with Hreem manifested in Kaliyuga in the form of Venkateshwara. For this reason, the Lord is referred to as Bala-ji. To such goddess I seek refuge.

Kashyapa therefore prayed to Lord Venkateshwara seeing the Mother Goddess in Him.

Sage Atri says

Akaraadi Kshakaaramta Varnanampatim Umapati Kalou Sri Venkatesakhya Saranam me Sadasivaha.

Sadasiva the husband of Uma, who is the god of the letters starting from ‘A’ and ending with ‘KSHA’ is being called as Venkateswara in this Kali Yuga. I see Siva in him. He is my protector”. He is the God of learning.

Sage Bharadwaja says,

Bhagavan Bharavi Kantho Bhakatbheepsita dadayakaha Bhaktasya Venkatesakhya Bharadwajasya me Gatihi.

Lord Venkateshwara, who is the husband of Lakshmi, who fulfills all the desires of your my refuge. He is my goal”.

Sage Vishwamitra says,

Virad Vishnur Vidhathacha Viswa Vigyna Vigraha Viswamitrasya Saranam Venkateso Vibhussada.

O Venkateswara you are the God. All pervading.You are omnipresent. You are the creator. You are the enlightenment. You are my protector”.

Sage Gowtama says,

Gowrgareesha Priyo nityam Govindo Gopathir Vibhuhu Sharanam GowthamasyAsthu VenkatAdri shiro MaNih

“You are the Gem of the hill Venkatadri. You are the favorite to Gowreesa, Shiva. Protector of the cattle, Govinda is my protector”.

Sage Jamadagni says,

Jagtkartha Jagatbharta Jagadharta Jagnmayaha Jamadagne Prasannasya Jeeveso Venkateswaraha

“You are the protector of the Universe, you are the destroyer. You are the Universe. You are the God of the life. You are my God who is so peaceful”.

Sage Vasishta prays,

VAstu Vignana Matram Yat Nirvisesham sukhancha Tat tatbrahmai vAgamasmeeti venkatesham Bhaje sada !!

“I consider myself as the soul of the Universe and pray to Venkateswara the Supreme being who the eternal truth is, who the incomparable is, who to be known as the Supreme Being”. I am serving Lord Srinivasa .”

Saptarishi Rachitam Stotram Sarvadayahpatennaraha Sobhayam Prapnuyat Satyam Sarvatra Vijayeebhavet !!

Those who chant this Kali Santapa Haaraka Stotram written by Saptarishis, will get blessed with Lord Vankateswara’s assurance and become victorious.

Bhajan :
Venkata Ramana Sankata HaraNa Kinkara Pala Govinda.

Srinivasa allotted duties to everyone as He belongs to everyone. In anyone’s case, the number of people whom he considers his relatives may be maximum 200. He can say they belong to him. Thats all. However every entity can consider Srinivas as their relative, their God.

But Srinivasa can be called that He is MY Swami . I came to serve Him. All the living beings can say so with regard to God.I came to serve Him since I am indebted to Him. No other human being has this kind of right to be possessed by millions of living beings. . Govinda Govinda !!

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 36: All the demi-gods take up various responsibilities in completing wedding arrangements


Seeing Indra, Srinivasa enquired, “Indra, can you please arrange accomodation for all my guests?” Indra immediately called Vishwakarma, the celestial architect, who constructed a huge city in itself. Indra was pleased with this accomplishment. He was proud that the work was done. Indra went and reported the completion of the task to Srinivasa. Srinivasa applauded him. Indra wanted to know if he could take up the responsibility of allotting the rooms to all the guests. Indra then assigned the rooms.

Indra then asked, “O LOrd, should we not construct marriage hall in Narayanapura?” Srinivasa agreed. Vishwakarma then completed the task.

Srinivasa then asked all the guests whether they were willing to accept his marriage to Padmavati. All the guests happily agreed.

Indra and other demi-gods were amused seeing Shiva’s troops who were fascinated with their silken clothing. They were checking each other delicate, silky clothing and were immersed in bliss.

All the Gods took important roles in this marriage. It was an extra-ordinary marriage that was beyond any comparison. It is important to know the roles taken up by each deity in this marriage. This explains the grandeur of the marriage.

All of Gods , Goddesses and other Celestials had given their consent to the divine marriage. Armed men of Shiva were admiring themselves in their silk dresses.

The responsibility of felicitating all the seven great sages was given to Shiva. The seven great sages extolled Lord Srinivasa.

The responsibility of welcoming the guests was given to Subramanya, the chief of the celestial armed force. Manmadha, the God of love offered to take the responsibility of distributing the beetle leaves and nuts. On Earth the question of cooking arises first in all the festivals and rituals. It is the nature of humans to discuss food related issues right in the beginning. But as they were all celestials, they thought of cooking in the last. The God of fire , Agni , offered to cook.

The God of wind offered to supply fragrant materials. All the guests were to be gifted with at least two or three gold chains and four or five gold rings. Kubera, the God of wealth took up the responsibility of the finance of the marriage. All the deities came forward to shoulder some responsibly in the divine marriage. Srinivasa personally was supervising the arrangements. This shows that the Lord oversees every minute aspect. When the owner is supervising every thing, small mistakes would be excused. If a broker would take up the responsibility it would cause problem.

He enquired about the water facility and the God of rains had taken that responsibility . In this way, all the five basic elements came forward and participated in the wedding arrangements.

The Moon had taken the responsibility of holding the bright lamp. Cleaning is the responsibility of a group of deities called Vasus. Yama, the god of punishments and death had taken up the responsibility of controlling the trouble makers who disturb the wedding procedure.All trouble-makers were tensed. They remained quiet throughout the marriage, scared of Yama’s whip.

All these arrangements were discussed with Brahma, the creator. All were looking forward for the divine marriage to take place.


Re Man Re Re Man Choomat Gavo Hari Ke GuN

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 35: Brahma, Shiva, great sages and other Devatas arrive for the wedding

Bhajan :

Srinivasa Govinda Sri Venkatesa Govinda !

Srinivasa had sent his vehicle Garuda to invite Brahama. Garukmanta went to the abode of Brahma prostrated in front of him and invited him for the celestial marriage. Brahma was very much pleased with the invitation and gave it to Goddess Sarswati telling that they were all attending the divine wedding. He had invited all the sages and advised them to take part in the marriage proceedings. Brahma immediately set out for the marriage. Srinivasa flew on his bird vehicle, Garuda and welcomed Brahma reverentially. He was offered a suitable seat in Srinivasa’s place.

Birds played major role in the divine marriage. Srinivasa narrated all the details to Brahma; HE informed the reasons for his coming to earth and of Padmavati’s previous story.

Garuda now went to Kailasa, the abode of lord Shiva to invite Shiva and Parvati. All the armed forces of Shiva danced with joy listening to the news of the marriage. Parvati pacified them saying it had become a practice for them to dance for any message.They are habituated to perform tandava for any reason. Parvati advised them to behave properly with discipline. Parvati said that they were going to her brother’s marriage. She asked them to remove all their stinking skin dresses, lines of beads and skulls. She asked them to wear clean silk dresses and ornaments. She warned them to stop dancing and to behave in a disciplined manner without quarrelling among themselves. She asked Shiva to remove the snake around his neck, the skin dress and the drum in his hand. She suggested him to dress in silk wear and gold ornaments.

Sundara Sundara Shiva Shiva Karuna Bandura Shiva Shiva
Sundareswara, Shiva got ready in a second in to a handsome form. After their marriage only then Parvati was seeing him again in that form. Ganesha also dressed himself beautifully. All of them reached Venkatadri and were welcomed by Srinivasa. The armed forces of Shiva were finding it difficult to restrict themselves from dancing. Parvati became busy in the wedding arrangements.

Saptarishis, the seven sacred sages were also welcomed by Srinivasa and made to seat comfortably. Srinivasa requested Indra, the king of deities to make arrangements of accommodation to all the invitees. The celestial architect had built a city for them. All the invitees were allotted with proper comforts. Celestial architect also created a beautiful Dais for the marriage in Narayanapuram. Srinivasa assembled all his invitees and sought their permission for Srinivasa to marry Padmavati. It was not an ordinary ritual. The marriage would have stopped if any one would have objected for the marriage. It is not like asking for coffee even though nothing is left to offer. Not a simple formality . It was a divine and celestial wedding.

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