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Srinivasa Kalyanam 44: Srinivasa participates in the war between Tondamana and Vasudhana

Today’s discourse covers various events like Srinivasa getting back his kingdom, war that takes place between Padmavathy’s father’s younger brother and her brother’s . Venkateswara Swamy gets back his villages. Lakshmi comes back from her place of penance . Srinivasa establishes treaty between the uncle and son . He becomes a Saligrama and remains a statue . He remains as a grand Archana murthy. There are many miracles that had been taking place

Bhajan : Govinda SAnanda Ananda ParamA Gopala Sripala Sachchidananda PayAmAm !

The wedding of Padmavathy and Srinivasa had taken place in all grandeur. When Aakasha Raju was going back to his place Padmavathi felt sad for the departure . AkashaRaju consoled her and left for his kingdom.

Srinivasa informed Brahma and Rudra that He decided to stay down the hill following the rules of marriage (Vivaha Deeksha) for six months and said that later He would go to the hill . Till then He declared that He would stay in Agastya ashram. Saying this , he gifted clothes and jewels to all the celestials . He sent them all to their respective places .

In the meanwhile Lakshmi Devi approached Srinivasa to take Permission to go to Karaveeravam Puram to continue her penance . Though felt bad , Srinivasa blessed her and permitted . The newly wedded couple was staying in Agastya’s Ashrama.

In the meanwhile a messenger brought a news that Akasharaju was indisposed . Immediately , Srinivasa along with Padmavathy , Agastya sage and Vakula Mata immediately went to Akasharaja . Akasharaja requested Srinivasa to protect his brother and his son who were not in good terms . When Akasharaja gave up his life, Dharani Devi also sacrificed her life . Their celestial bodies were taken to Vaikuntha by vimana that arrived there. Vasudhama performed the rites to his parents .

Srinivasa and Padmavathy went back to Agastya Ashrama . In Narayana Pura, TondamAn and Vasudhana had big fights which lead to war . They wanted to take opinion of Srinivasa . He likes both of them but could not take a decision as to whom to support . Hence He asked Padmavathy as to who He should help. She said that Vasudhana since he is alone , needs help. Srinivasa promised His help to Vasudhana . Srinivasa noticed that Padmavati was very happy. Seeing her happy, Srinivasa was happy.

But TondamAn was very disappointed and approached Srinivasa, who assured TondamAn that he had nothing to lose as he is strong, has man power , ammunition etc .TondamAn felt very depressed . HE felt the Lord ridiculed him. Srinivasa assured Tondaman that both of them are same to him. All my devotees are equal to me.

He will not differentiate both of them . He promised that He would do justice to both of them . Srinivasa gave away his conch and discus to TondamAn , like How lord Krishna gave away military power to Kauravas and Himself was on Pandavas’ side . “Conch and discus are more powerful, than me’ the Lord said to Tondaman.

TondamAn felt very happy. HE offered obeisance to Srinivasa and left to start the war. The war was like a mini-kurukshetra war. Srinivas fought bitterly with Tondaman’s army. Due to this, Tondaman’s soldiers were getting scared and were running away. Many were killed in the battlefiled.

When TondamAn was getting demoralized , He remembered the discus given by the Lord. He immediately prayed to Sudarshana, which is the power of the Lord.

Sudarshana namastestu Sahasraraya tejase Swatejo naishtadaityaya Shatru vighnachchidhe namah !

Sudarshana  discus came rapidly. Tondaman asked the discus to attack Srinivasa who was fighting bitterly. The discus went rushing towards Srinivasa and hit HIm on his chest. Srinivas fell unconscious. Such was the power of this discus!

Padmavathi was aghast seeing this. She approached Agastya and sought help . The sage advised her to stop the war. She arrived in the battlefield. First she ensured that Srinivasa regains consciousness.

Srinivasa who was now conscious, attacked Tondaman fiercely . Padmavathy fell at her husband’s feet and begged him to stop. Srinivasa was angry seeing her.. “Who permitted you to come to the battle-field? Leave the place now”.

Padmavati was feeling sad for her uncle TondamAn . She begged Srinivasa to stop the war between her uncle and her brother.

Srinivasa heard her. He then instructed her to go away from that place . Sage Agastya arrived there. He too requested Srinivasa to bring this war to an end.  Srinivasa did not agree. He said that he had decided to send TondamAn and his son to heaven and to ensure that the kingdom was handed over to Padmavaty’s brother .

Padmavaty was even more sad. Agastya again beseeched with folded hands ” O Lord, please stop the war. Please ensure that they become friends”.

Saying this, Agastya sat in the battle-field and began meditation. Srinivasa was startled to see the sage meditating in the centre of the battle-field. He immediately agreed to listen to Agastya’s recommendation and bring the war to a close .Agastya got up from meditation. Padmavaty was happen.

The war was stopped and celestials felicitated Agastya. TondamAn agreed to oblige Srinivasa’s order . Vasudhana also said the same thing . Both of them wanted Srinivas alone! Srinivasa instructed them to be friends forever . Srinivasa instructed them to take the kingdom half each .

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 43: Srinivasa marries Padmavaty.. contd..

Mangalya Sutra Mantradi SAnkurArpanamajjatah Vaivahikam KArayitwa LAjaHomAttamevacha .

Starting with AnkurArpana , proceeding with Mangalyam dhArana and ending with Laja Homa ,

the divine wedding had taken place for four days . It was not an ordinary wedding . Whoever has witnessed it and who hears about this marriage will obtain auspicousness. Sapta Rishis and all the sages , blessed them . The celestials showered flowers . Rambha and others danced . Brahma and other celestials blessed the couple.

Aakasha Raju’s feasts and the clothes given by him made people very happy. Srinivasa also gave clothes to everyone. Govinda Raja , the elder brother of Srinivasa, invited all the celestials to his house and satisfied them with good feast and hospitality . Aakasha Raju satisfied every deity and celestial.

Kalyanam Kalyanam Srinivasuni Kalyanam Kalyanam Kalyanam Lokalanniti Kalyanam

Akasharaju handed over the responsibility of Padmavathi to Srinivasa making both of them climb on Elephants . Srinivasa said that He had many responsibilities in Seshachalam and hence both of them would proceed to that place . The parents blessed both of them and sent many precious gifts to them for their new abode. Srinivasa gently refused to take all those gifts , saying that the gifts were nothing compared to Padmavathi . He said that he was grateful to his in laws , for giving Him their daughter in marriage .

Srinivasa offered a boon to Aakasharaju , who sought for untilted faith and devotion in Srinivasa forever .

“ManaswatpAda Kamale ! Thwayee BhaktissadAstume ! ” Akasharaju expressed that he wished to be devoted at Srinivasa’s lotus feet forever . Srinivasa appreciated him and gave a boon that he would get liberated. Srinivasa felicitated Raja . Padmavathi felt sorry for leaving her parents . Akasharaju consoled her and went back to Narayana Puram .

Since Srinivasa had 6 months of wedded life Deeksha, He said that He would climb the mountain Tirumala only after 6 months . He said He would stay back , remain down the hills and stay in Agastya ashram. Srinivasa called everyone by name and asked them to proceed to their respective abodes . They left with great difficulty and reached their places .

They, while going to their respective places , promised that they visit Tirumala at the time of brahmotsavas once a year . Though they take place thrice a year , each celestial visits only once a year as per the instructions of Srinivasa .

Bhajan : Venkata Ramana Sankata Harana Kinkara Pala Govinda !!

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 42: Srinivasa marries Padmavaty

The marriage procession had reached Narayanapuram. The clamor in the procession is deafening. The people were caught in the crowd. Millions of deities were roaring high. Only dais was empty.

Bhajan : Kalyanam Kalyanam Srinivasuni Kalyanam !

King Akasha brought Padmavati, beautifully dressed and decorated, on an elephant. Srinivasa who was on Garukmanta , decorated Padmavati with His garland. Padmavati who was on the elephant decorated Srinivasa with her jasmine garland. They both exchanged garlands thrice.It was a system followed by deities. Both Padmavati and Srinivasa went in a procession and reached the venue of their resting place. Muhurtam was late in the night .

Srinivasa instructed Tondaman, the brother of king Akasha to arrange food for all the deities. . Tondaman satisfied everyone. Every one rested. Next day morning Srinavasa called sage Vasishta and said that He along with His mother Vakula, His wife Lakshmi and the priest Brahma should observe fasting on that day. Padmavati , her father, mother and brother also should observe fasting. Akasharaju was informed the same . In any auspicious function it is advised to observe fasting till the completion of the rituals.

Srinivasa instructed Kubera to inform the king about the arrangements for the dinner . King Akasha came along with his people to perform the auspicious worship to the bridegroom. Dharani Devi along with Arundhati Devi, wife of sage Vasishta had brought the sacred water from Pushkarini in a golden vessel to wash the feet of the bridegroom during Vara Puja. Vasishta had given permission to perform the worship.

The royal couple along with their relatives started the ritual. All the deities came near to watch the wonderful moment. Kayanam Kalyanam Srinivasuni Kalyanam

Srinivasa had paid respects to his parents in law. Sages were reciting Vedic hymns. Dharani Devi had poured the sacred water of the Pushkarani from the golden vessel on the bridegroom’s feet as the king Akasha Raju washed His feet by keeping them in a golden plate.They both and their relatives had sprinkled the water on their heads. Srinivasa honored Vasudhana, the brother of Padmavati with silk clothes. They had to honor each other. Dharani Devi’s rejoice knew no bounds to apply sandal paste to Srinivasa’s feet. How fortunate was the couple!

After the worship was completed king Akasha took Srinivasa on Airavata, the divine elephant in a procession through his city to the palace. The sages were reciting Vedic hymns. The royal employees who were employed to praise were praising Srinivasa. Srinivasa approached the main entrance of the royal palace. The elderly bride women welcomed Srinivasa by offering camphor which was the auspicious manner of welcoming the bridegroom.

Kalyanam Kalyanam Srinivasuni Kalyanam.

The dancers were dancing. Srinivasa was made to sit on a golden seat which is studded with the precious gems of nine kinds. The bride’s women had given sacred bath to Padmavati and dressed her in silk clothes. Her long plait was decorated with beautiful flowers. A diamond necklace was decorated around her neck. Collyrium was applied to her eyes. On her forehead a special design for a bride was drawn. It is called Kalyana Tilakam. She worshipped Mother Goddess Gowri, made offerings to their family deity and stepped onto the dais. The bride was seated to the east on a golden seat. The bride groom was seated to the west on a golden seat. A screen was held in between them. As auspicious time approached, the screen was removed! It was a divine moment!

The eyes of the bride and the bridegroom met with each other. Padmavati and Srinivasa were looking at each other. It is marriage of the Nature , Purusha and Prakriiti . The whole creation was blessed. People around echoed. What a moment to visualize! King Akasha gifted ten million gold coins to Srinivasa.A diamond crown was gifted to him.A golden chain equalling the weight of the crown,seven valuable lockets,a chain called Mukta malika and shoulder ornaments were gifted to him.

Chola king was freed from his curse of being a ghost with one glance at the crown.Ornaments in abundance were given to Srinivasa . A large golden plate and vessels were gifted to Him. Brihaspati invited with vedic mantras, “O Srinivasa accept the hand of Padmavati and grace her who has Atri as her origin family sage, who is the great grand daughter of king Suveera, the granddaughter of Sudhama and the daughter of king Akasha.”

He was chanting Vedic hymns, “Srinivasa who was born in the family whose Family sage was Vasishta, the great grandson of King Yayati, the grandson of Surasena and the son of Vasudeva is ready to accept your daughter.” The royal couple had given their daughter’s gem studded bangles worn hand to Srinivasa. As the married women (suvasinis) were singing auspicious songs, Srinivasa tied the MAngalyam.

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 41: Srinivasa accepts Sage Shuka’s hospitality

Srinivasa sent Subhramanya who was passing by,to call his foster father Agni, the god of fire. He enquired him whether he cooked for the guests. He replied, “The seven hills are filled with the guests. Not an empty place is left on the hill. I‘ve no vessels to cook for so many guests.”

Then Srinivasa gave him an idea to cook rice making the tank Pushkarini as a vessel. Use the tank Papanasanam to cook Sambar, tank Akasha Ganga to cook sweet rice pudding and the tank Tumburu to cook lemon rice garnishing with tasty cashew nuts. Vegetable curries were to be cooked in other small tanks.

Agni praised, Srinivasa ” You are very mystic who makes the impossible to possible. This idea did not flash in my head. Now in no time I will cook for all the three hundred and thirty three millions of deities.” All the deities had come down to earth. Not even a security guard is left in the heaven. All the deities were ready to eat sitting in rows. The rows started from Seshachalam and ended in Srisailam,Lord Shiva’s hill and went through Ahobilam, Lord Narasimha’s hill. Deities ate in seven such rows in seven batches on that day.

Narasimha is very short tempered so the food was offered to him first. Brahma had given permission to serve the food. Srinivasa standing in the middle of the rows with folded hands had asked for excuse for not being able to serve rich food for them. But all the deities said that they were all satisfied with the food which was tastier for them than any other rich food.

Srinivasa was giving training to all the human beings about the manners of the host while hosting the guests. Lakshmi and Brahma also had taken food at the end. That night everyone rested there. Srinivasa had sent Garuda to find whether every one was ready to leave for Narayanapuram early next morning.

Brahma came to Srinivasa and said that everything and everyone was ready. He signaled every one to move. The trumpets were blown. The drums were beaten. All the instruments were being played at their highest volume. Chariots were started in a procession. Srinivasa mounted his vehicle bird Garuda. Lakshmi devi was seated in golden chariot. Vakula Devi started in a plane. Shiva was walking to the right of Srinivasa and the god of wind to his left. Subhramanya the chief of the celestial armed forces was walking at the back of Srinivasa along with his force. All other deities, sages, dancers and singers were walking in front of Srinivasa.

The god of death and punishments was supervising the procession. Celestial singers were singing, dancers were dancing and the sages were chanting Vedic hymns. Some other sages were showering flowers on Srinivasa. Ganesha was organizing the procession. The procession was very much crowded so that all were pushed forward automatically without walking. The procession had reached the ashram of the sage Suka. Suka was standing there holding the auspicious sacred coconut in his hands to welcome Srinivasa.

Srinivasa dismounted his vehicle bird and the sage prostrated at Srinivasa. He said, “I am very fortunate to receive you today. Sacred sages perform penance to have a glance of you. My birth is fulfilled. Please be my guest for today as you are proceeding for your marriage.”

Srinivasa objected saying, “I am a family man and you are a bachelor parrot sage who eats nuts. How can you host me? Consider that I had accepted your invitation.” But the sage had insisted him to be his guest. Before Srinivasa would object again Vakula Mata went there and convinced Srinivasa saying, “He was the motivating force behind your marriage. Every thing was possible because of him. Have you forgotten? Please accept his request.”

Srinivasa agreed and went inside his ashram. He had offered him a seat. He had offered a pudding made out of grains and sunflower seeds chutney and tulasi leaves soup. All other sages waiting outside felt disgraced as they were not offered any food. Srinivasa had put his hand on his stomach and said ” let the food be offered to all the living beings.” Suddenly all the members of the procession felt the satisfaction of eating food and started to burp loudly.

Sage Shuka requested Srinivasa to stay and take rest for that day. Srinivasa had accepted. Anjaneya was watching the ashram that night. The next day the procession had started for Narayanapuram.

Bhajan : Venkata Ramana Sankata Harana Kinkara Pala Govinda Govinda

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 40: Fire-god expresses helplessness to cook in absence of adequate vessels

Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Jayee Bhava Jayahe Janani Vijayee Bhava

Srinivasa brought a branch of the Shami tree and Narada came forward and said that Srinivasa asked Him to remind to plant a tree in the ambiance of VarahaSwami . Srinivasa having taken permission of Varaha Swami , planted the branch near His place.

Brahma intended and instructed everyone to have lunch before leaving for Narayana Puram. But Srinivasa had nothing to feed them. Then Brahma advised Him that on the Earth there was a practice of taking loan to meet the expenditure. Kubera came forward to arrange for the loan.

Srinivasa had taken Kubera to the Aswadha, the pepal tree and asked, “Give me some loan as I can not ask in front of every body. In any of my avataras I did not bring anything from Vaikunta or take anything from here. I create my money use it and leave the Earth. But now following the rules of the Earth please lend me some money”.

Then Kubera replied that he was ready to give a loan provided Srinivasa would sign a loan document as per the rules of the Earth. Srinivasa agreed. Brahma had written the document. The document goes like this . “Good wishes. For the purpose of his marriage Srinivasa had taken a loan of fourteen lakhs of gold coins with the symbol of Rama, on the seventh day of waxing moon in the month of Vaisakha and in the year of Vilamba in Kali Yuga. He would have to start repaying from the next year of his marriage. Till then the interest is to be paid”.

Brahma signed as the first witness. From that time He is performing Srinivasa Kalyanam every year and is collecting money . Shiva signed as a second witness. Peepal tree signed as the third witness. Srinivasa gave the document to Kubera and received money.

Every one praised Kubera. Bhajan: Kubera Dheera Jayee Bhava Kumargadoora Jayeebhava….

Srinivasa again gave the money to Kubera and asked him to use it for all the expenditures. Srinivasa sent Subhramanya who was passing by, to call his foster father Agni, the god of fire. He enquired him whether he cooked for the guests.

He replied, “The seven hills are filled with the guests. Not an empty place is left on the hill. I have already made a mention of the vessels and nobody paid any attention to it. Now I don’t have vessels to cook for so many guests.” It is like the story that a man had boasted himself to carry a mountain on his shoulders. When everybody assembled to witness the feat he said that he would carry the mountain provided any one lifted it and kept it on his shoulder.

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