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Srinivasa Kalyanam 16: Srihari washes the feet of Sage Bhrigu who has kicked him on his chest

Srihari did not respond despite Maharshi Bhrigu’s praising and chanting Him with several divine names. Lakshmi also did not respond nor did recommend. People were staring at Maharshi but never responded nor recommended.

Brahma pretended to be meditating, Shiva pretended to be dancing and Vishnu was pretending to be sleeping in bliss . Hence He decided that Trimurtis were ignoring him and were egoistic. He was blaming Tirmutis.

On the request of all the sages on earth, He had walked all the way in the skies to reach these celestial planes. But those celestials in Vaikuntha were not respecting me. They were all good and cool. Srihari did not respond to my praise too. Srihari was lying down on snake bed without responding. On the earth, people adore him with reverence . He was blaming people around for not informing Lakshmi atleast of his arrival . It was incomprehensible to the sage where Srihari was smiling or pretending like child.

He thought that Trimurtis were teaching him lesson.

Bhrigu who was infuriated kicked Srihari on the chest , the abode of Mahalakshmi and was about to leave that place. He could not attack the other two ; Brahma and Shiva .Bhrigu wanted to make Srihari realize his arrival and hence kicked Him.

Srihari woke up , ran and caught hold of Bhrigu’s feet enquiring whether his feet were hurt due to kicking him on his chest. Srihari washed Bhrigu’s feet, sprinkled the water on the His head. “Oh, you possess such delicate feet, you have walked on the path of skies to reach me. I hope these feet are not paining due to kicking me on my chest’ – said Lord Srihari

Srihari is the God having the 14 worlds in His womb and yet so humble . He washed the sage’s feet and wiped them with his upper cloth. Srihari bent down to see the wound if any that was caused to the sage. Bhrigu immediately stopped the LOrd and praised Him for His patience and generosity which he expressed by touching his feet despite his deed of insulting him. Bhrigu pleaded by saying
Aparadha sahasrani Kryanthe aharnisham maya
dasoyamamatva kshamaswa parameswara !!

“As a rectification of my mistake, I keep singing the glory of my lord to all the 14 worlds.”

Regretting his deed, Bhrigu offered obeisance to Srihari and Lakshmi and then departed to earth.

Hari Hari Hari Hari anara’
Harinarayani sharanammanara !!

Chant Hari nama. Those who chant Hari Nama , never get any difficulty. Chant while sitting, standing. while eating sleeping and feeding kids. By giving good names of God to children, we are unknowingly chanting.

While offering oblations to Maharshi Bhrigu’s feet, Srihari presses the eye which is underneath the foot of Bhrigu which is the source of power and spiritual strength of Maharshi. Bhrigu did not even notice what Srihari did. His arrogance stemmed due to this eye present on his feet. Srihari plucked it out.

Lakshmi resides in the chest of Srihari. Since Srihari pressed the feet of the person who had kicked his chest, Mother Lakshmi was annoyed. She came down to earth.

when analyzed it appears like a drama to ensure Mother Lakshmi comes down to earth. We will know as the story proceeds further….

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 15: Bhrigu is angered that Vishnu does not honour him in Vaikuntha

Bhrigu reached Shiva’s abode, Kailasam. Shiva tandava reached climax in vigour. Jaganmata was expressing lasyam and as Bhrigu was noticed by Parvati, She could also not catch up with Lord Shiva and His speed. As everyone’s pitch and rhythm went wrong, they all looked at each other as to what was going wrong. The ambiance lost its brightness and Lord shiva shouted at the one who made Him stop His tandava. Shiva raised his trident.

Bhrigu also got wild looking at the anger of Shiva. He was enraged. Jatganmata became alert and realized that the trident was pointing at the sage Bhrigu, She rushed forward and held his hand and stopped him. She pleaded Shiva addressing Him”Deva, deva, why are you angry? After all, isn’t he your son and your devotee?’

Hearing Parvati’s words Shiva calmed down. He is Bhola Shankar, the one who gives away whatever the devotee asks for. But Bhrigu was in the same anger. He could not restrain his anger. He shouted, “Why are you so angry? Who can worship an angry God? HEnceforth no one will worship you in a form. People will worship you only in a from of linga”  For this reason, Shiva is only Bindu roopa. Worship is not offered to idol of Shiva but only to his linga.

This was the curse given to Shiva. Veerabhadra and other troops of Shiva who heard this curse could not control their anger. They wanted to fight but Shiva stopped them from doing so.

Bhrigu left the place in anger and was noticed by Shiva. He began to run towards Vaikunta in great haste. Bhrigu’s breathe had hot air and harsh sounds due to his agitation and speed. As He was rushing towards Vaikuntha, there was a cool breeze which reduced the hot airs of Bhrigu to some extent.The breeze also carried very sweet waves of sandal smell. The sweet smell was intoxicating. He found golden ambiance around. They are sparkling. That made even the body of Bhrigu also into calm and shining. With this the saint calmed a little.

That place was identified as Ananda Nilayam, a divine place where Lord Vishnu resided also known as Vaikuntha.

Narayana Hari Narayana !
Narayana Narayana
Achyutam Keshavam Rama Narayanam.

Looking at this Annada nilayam, Bhrigu cooled down. He enjoyed the beauty of that place. People there are happy, smiling and Sage was also charming. Everyone is in a state of bliss here. He went to the snake bed on which Vishnu was lying down. Goddess Mahalakshmi was seated beside the Lord. She was looking only at Vishnu. She was taking measures to ensure his sleep does not get disturbed. She was waiting to offer services to Lord when he wakes up. She was also thinking of the alternative to maintain silence and peace even if there was a disturbance.

People in Vaikuntha were very happy and welcoming unlike emotional people in Kailasam and meditating and serious people in Satya lokam. People in Vaikuntha were in total bliss with smiles on their faces as if they were welcoming Bhrigu but no one was talking to Bhrigu. Everyone was in a state of bliss. Everyone was happy, calm and peaceful. It seemed very peculiar for him. He had bitter experiences in the two previous places. Now in Vaikuntha , he did not want to come to a conclusion as this is the only place left for him. to be peaceful and finish the task of judging the best decide the best among the Trimurtis.. He was unable to understand whether they were laughing at him or what? Bhrigu expected someone among those celestials who had been good for him to put a word of recommendation to Vishnu to respond to Bhrigu. Should he sit? or stand? there was none to greet him. What was he to do? He was perplexed. However none of them was going and reporting to the Lord of his arrival. None seem bothered about him.
Achyutam Keshavam Rama Narayanam
Sridharam Madhavam Rama Narayanam.

How much ever Bhrigu praised and sang the glory of the Lord Vishnu, Vishnu was in total bliss. He did not get up from his yogic sleep. Lakshmi also did not heed the presence of Bhrigu nor informed Vishnu about his arrival there.Bhrigu was infuriated. He decided that all the Trimurtis are egoistic. there was none among them who is greatVishnu was not even honouring him.

Brahma pretended to be meditating blissfully; Shiva pretended to be dancing blissfully and Vishnu pretended to be lying down in eternal bliss.

“I am deeply revered on earth. I came travelling on the path of skies. All the sages selected me to decide the best of the Trimirtis. Here no one was co operating. Even after glorifying him, this Lord does not even bother about me. How rude is he! He is pretending to be asleep. Why should I bother about these trivial Gods when the Supreme Lord is there? None of these three Gods are worthy’ HE thought angrily.


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Srinivasa Kalyanam 14: Bhrigu reaches Kailasa to test Shiva

Sage Bhrigu Chanted “Om Saraswatyai Namah ” Saraswati who is immersed in the divine music did not heed to his call. She picked up intense practice just then and was doing ragam, tanam and pallavi. on veena. She was doing gamaka sadhana with ascending and descending swaras. Saraswati did not respond to Bhrigu Maharshi. Brahma too never responded despite watching Bhrigu Maharshi with opened eyes.Not even a smile, no happiness, no anger. He was peacefully listening to music.

Bhrigu lost temper and felt insulted. He gave utmost importance to Satya loka but now with this negligent treatment he was annoyed . Having become restless and angry with Brahma , Bhrigu questioned whether it is form of knowledge or form of ignorance ? is it inanimate or animate ? Is it unreal ? or unreal ? Is it truth or falsehood ? Bhrigu doubted and suspected the situation. Those who are ascending ,always will have a fall.Anger always leads to downfall.

We should never be egoistic. Bhrigu said ” If Brahma is ignoring me, the greatest of saints, he is not knowledgeable. He is ignorant. Such Brahma does not deserve worship .

Brahma means knowledge. But Brahma does not have knowledge. Why then should prayer be offered to one who is not Self-realized? Since those who worship Brahma, remain in illusion and will remain ignorant like him, he should not be worshipped in future. Hence his idol will never be worshipped in future” Thus was Brahma cursed by Bhrigu Maharshi.

In a fist of anger Bhrigu left Satya loka.He walked out in all ego and anger. He proceeded towards the abode of Lord Shiva, the Kailasa. As Bhrigu was approaching the place of his visit, he could hear the music that accompanied dance, like” Thaddhimi Takadhimi “, could feel the beautiful smell of Pious ashes ( Vibhuti ) and he realized that he was going close to kailasam.

Looking at the festivity and assembled celestials at Kailasam, Bhrigu anticipated some function that was taking place there. But He realized that Shiva and Parvati were immersed in Shiva Tandava, the famous dance form by them. Om Namah Shivaya. The dance of delicacy by the first couple of the universe was very lucrative. People and visitors were also playing the instruments following the rhythm of their tandava of delicacy. It was going on very smoothly and the audiences were totally immersed in witnessing the dance form.

Bhajan : Tadhdhimi Shankara Thakadhimi Shankara !

Bhrigu also looked at the dance. He went forward crossing the bhoota ganas. When such dance is going on we should watch from a distance or else we get stuck in stampede. Praying to Shankara, finally Bhrigu reached to Shankara.

Is shankara this busy ? He is bhola shankara. There is no end to this dance. Why is this couple dancing ? It was quite noisy ; but tala, raga and rhythm were synchronizing. But the troops are quite disciplined since they had been dancing since ages. They were not getting tired. Some bhoota ganas were just slipping down if they were unable to catch up the speed. They are immortals. they were raising dust.

Do not mistake this Kailasa on earth to be the real Kailasa. The original Kailasa is a different planet in itself.

Shiva also did not acknowledge the arrival of Bhrigu.. No one responded to him. He was not reverentially welcomed. He wanted to call out Shiva as Shambho! But the bhoota ganas were producing much more noise.One person was standing like a Krishna and playing flute. Bhrigu thought that there was no use of blaming the troops and decided to blame Shiva only.

When the Tandava was in climax Parvati was struggling to cope with Shiva’s dance speed. She suddenly noticed Bhrigu and stopped dance. As she stopped dancing, there was a sudden imbalance and Shiva lost synchrony of dance and pramadha ganas also missed the rhythm.

Shiva shouted in anger asking as to who disturbed Shiva Tandava,. He looked sternly in all directions. He saw Bhrigu and raised his trident.

Bhrigu also got wild. He was furious. Jaganmata realized the danger of the situation and held Shiva’s hand.

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 13: Sage Bhrigu goes to Satyaloka to test Brahma’s supremacy

Narada was pleased that he could participate a little in that Maha-yagna. He thought that he instilled a tinge of conflict among the sages with regard to the grading of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara , though it is for a divine cause, going to happen in future . This conflict caused by Maharishi Narada was the turning point in the story. Narada was pleased that he had obtained the desired outcome of creating confusion in the saints.

All the sages were perplexed. Who was great among the Trinity? All of them looked at Bhrigu Maharshi, who was the senior most in their group. They prayed to Bhrigu Maharshi to decide who is great among the Trimuthis since at times Bhrigu appraises himself as Brahma, Vishnu and also Maheshwawara.

Bhrigu decided to work on the issue and realize the truth by himself. Amidst the applause by all the sages, Bhrigu got ready to start his project with a proud smile. He was proud that he was going to accomplish a major task. It is a system to encourage a person who takes up a good deed. Should never discourage. Bhrigu said that all of them gave a great responsibility and said that he would leave for heavenly abode to decide this issue and that it would be possible only for him to study this issue. He looked at them all and gave a happy, proud smile. He pulled his beard to indicate his superiority.’You have given me a great task. Only I am capable of assessing who is great among the Trinity. I will return successfully. Now i will travel in the path of skies to test them.”

As long as they could see Bhrigu, sages could watch Bhrigu walking towards Satya lokam. Their victory screams reverberated in all directions. The saint was flying in the skies. there is a difference between walking, flying, flying with wings in space. They are different ways of travelling in space.  There are beings who go with body, without body etc.

The sage thought whom he should test first. HE decided to go Brahma who never lies and who resides in Satyaloka. He has four faces but none of the four faces never lie. Applauding himself for having selected the easiest and best route, He patted himself.

As he entered Satya loka, He could listen to Omkara. Anyone listening to Omkara, feels like meditating then and there. such is the power of Omkara. Bhrigu also felt the same but was reminded of his duty. Satya loka is very peaceful where even a fool can meditate like a sage. Bhrigu looked around. Absolute silence. Sages were meditating. there was nothing to be heard barring Omkara. Everyone was engaged in either chanting Vedas or Omkara. Veda Parayana was going on. The four faces of Brahma were peaceful and were doing veda parayana. Saraswati was immersed in divine music. She is the Goddess of education. It is just her form. Her Veena is no ordinary one. It consists of all the planets. Brahma and Saraswati, who were seated on swan chariot and swan respectively, were calm and peaceful. Bhrigu walking slowly , reached  the lotus upon which Brahma was seated and chanted,
Om Chaturmukhayai Namah ; Sri Saraswatyai Namah.
Brahmane jaji devaya namaskritya samadhina
Ruksamani Udgiranvatyai yah punadi jagatrayam.
This time he raised his voice and said ” Om Brahmadevayai Namah ! ” No change in any of the faces of Brahma. There was absolutely non movement. Saraswati is doing intense practice of veena . All the eight eyes of Brahma were looking but with no observation. Bhrigu’s entry was not noticed either by Saraswati or by Brahma . Bhrigu felt terribly insulted and shouted. He tried many times but there was no response from either of them.

If people stare and not talk, we cannot tolerate ; but they are in a different world. Having become restless, Bhrigu questioned whether it is form of knowledge or form of ignorance ? is it inanimate or animate ? Is it real ? or illusion ? Is it truth or falsehood ? Bhrigu was confused.

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 12: Narada visits the sages who are performing Yagna on the banks of Ganga

We have discussed about Venkata Ramana Swamy’s wish to stay back on the earth and protect the devotees and the world. What is He going to do later ? Where is He going to stay ? How is He going to manifest ? We will discuss now. Varaha swamy gave darshan to the king till His knees. What will happen next ? Let us recollect the Murthy of Venkateswara Swamy.

Narayana Narayana Narayana…..While chanting the nama Narayana..the first name we are reminded of is of Sage Narada. Narada is the one who had initiated the Narayana Mantra to the world which had spread like a banyan tree (Vata vriksha) in this world. All the families across the world are still chanting that nama.

On the banks of River Ganga all the sages have started to perform one Yagna (sacrifice) to have the darshan of Paramatma. Pratishtapana Yagna was going on . Devarshi Narada Maharshi was going around there and heard the mantras and felt that a huge auspicious procedure is in progress there. He felt that His part should be played in the Yagna as it was not an ordinary Yagna. Narada said that He just happened to go there and was not intentional and was not aware of the event too. It is common to say this in scriptures.

Salesmen say that the saree is a unique one and there is only one piece. Nothing wrong . That is his business. Narada actually came down with a purpose. Why should anyone be invited for auspicious work? It is a great event and we need to go on our own and help, in fact. He did not know that Yagna was going on. Voluntarily, one should take part in the the Maha-yagna program not expecting any special treatment for them. Narada felt that it was not an ordinary Yagna and hence he wanted to be part of yagna. He brings Himself into the limelight. Looking at Narada, some were very happy and others got tensed as He is capable of making or marring. But all the sages worshipped Him . Requested Him to address.

Narada wherever He goes, He appreciates the Yagna and declares that it is unparalelled. Narada addressed the gathering of all the celestials and sages. Kashyapa and Bhrigu were also present there. Narada said that the Yagna they are performing is not an ordinary one and is very unique. This is exclusively good since they are offering it to Paramatma, whereas others do it through the celestials. You are offering it directly to Paramatma. You are doing it for world prosperity. Narada said “but “and stopped. Then everyone questioned why Narada said BUT. they were worried.

Narada said that there was no major issue but they forgot one simple thing.

He then questioned them, “why are you performing this yagna? To whom will you give the merit of this Yagna?. It needs to be given to Paramatma alone.

NOw tell me, Who is great among celestials? Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva or anyone else? To whom among them are your giving the results of this Yagna? Among the Trimurtis, who is great ? Have you ever thought of this?

You might have decided who is greatest among them. I know to whom to you are giving the results of the Yagna . I leave now. Why should I bother ? Looks like you know everything perfectly.” People talk something and say that it is not their opinion.

No one confesses one’s fault. Like the talk of the ladies who gather to collect water. They gossip for hours but when offered a seat, they say they have no time. They do not speak out their mind. Funny talk. they create rifts among people and then quietly disappear from the scene. This is not fair on their part. Yagna has no hurdles.Then for ignorance also there should be no hurdles. “Let it go on smoothly”, said Narada. To the one you decided to offer the fruit of the Yagna, convey my pranams , said Narada.

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