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Srinivasa Kalyanam 29: Srinivasa proposes to Padmavathy; she walks away in anger

Srinivasa who was stunned looking at the unparalleled beauty of Padmavathi , became almost like a statue and was about to greet her with forward steps . In the meanwhile , her friends arrived there and asked her to join them. They suddenly notice the presence of Srinivasa and questioned Him as to who , from where and for what purpose He came there . Though they were questioning Srinivasa, Srinivasa was staring at Padmavathy. He was speechless. The friends put forth many questions.

Suddenly Srinivasa came into senses and asked them their identity. The friends were stubborn to know His details. Srinivasa then said that He was the son of Vasudeva and Devaki Devi, with an elder brother Bala Rama and a sister Subhadra who was married to Arjuna who had two elder brothers and two younger brothers and were all called ” Pandavas “and they were all related . He also said that He was born in Krishna Paksha ,eight days after the full moon and hence was His complexion blue . Hence He was also called Nallanayya ( A black person )

Yasya NamAnyanantAni PAvanAni ManeeshiNAm.
VarNato NAmatasAmi Krishnam PrAku Tapaswinah !

“I am the one whose Namas (divine names) are endless and am called Krishna by sages. ”

When questioned by Srinivasa , Padmavathi Devi gave her introduction that she belonged to Atri Gotra , Chandra dynasty and that her name was Padmavathi , the daughter of Aakasha Raja giving no heed for His introduction. However He requested her to go with Him right away . She walked away arrogantly from there. Srinivasa enquired why she was behaving rudely. Srinivasa said that he was not offended by her words, because she had stolen his heart. He had placed her in his heart. He asked her to join him and come along with him.

When Padmavathy said that he was going beyond his limits. She was a princess and that her father  could inflict dangerous punishment on him. Srinivasa said that He was beyond the fear of birth and death and victory and defeat , requesting her to go with Him holding her hand. Her friends almost attacked Srinivasa with fistful of stones which hurt Srinivasa . They were angry that he was about to hold Padmavathy’s hand without permission.

In the meanwhile Padmavathi escaped from there along with her friends . Srinivasa was offended that Padmavathi did not understand and accept His proposal . Vakula Mata who arrived at that place was full of sorrow looking at His condition of injuries all over the body and questioned the reason for this situation despite His courage and strength , calling Him as Krishna . She offered Him food but Srinivasa was reluctant to eat .She finally concluded that the cause could be a virgin who might have come on His way and disturbed His mind . Vakula Mata demanded for an answer .

After listening to her promise that she would fulfill His wish of marrying that woman who stole His heart , Krishna revealed about His meeting Padmavathi on the mountain . He narrated the reluctant walk out of Padmavathi along with her friends without listening to the proposals made by Him . He also expressed His staunch and divine love for her and assured Vakula Mata that she too would admire Padmavathi . Vakula Mata offered Him food and made Him sleep on her lap singing the songs , which were sung for Lord Krishna in Dwapara Yuga .

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 28: Srinivas sees Padmavathy in the flower garden

Bhajan :
Madhava Madhu Sudhana
SriHari Hari Madhava !!
Pondering over the utterances of the sage, Padmavathy went towards the Royal palace .

Her female folks, who had deserted her, now returned her and said, “let us now go to the flower garden on top of the hill”.. Padmavathy joyfully walked towards the flower garden on the hill top and began to wander there leisurely.

As Padmavathy was born from a lotus and there had always been affinity between lotus and the honey bees , all the honey bees started forming around Padmavathy’s face in the garden . From the set of honey bees , one bee flew to Srinivasa who admired the bee.

Here in this context we need to remember the role of honey bee in pollination and fertilization of the flowers . It reflects the propagation of species and formation of fruits from flowers. Here one of them represents Prakriti (Nature) and other is Purusha (Self). Many in-depths meanings are hidden in this story of the bee going from one to another. As we dig out the spiritual meaning of it , we get amazing information. Srinivasa was admiring the honey bee that was going around him in admiration.

In the meanwhile , there arrived many forest animals with an act of instigating Srinivasa to catch hold of them. Incidentally one horse arrived at that place as though it was for Srinivasa . Srinivasa jumped on to the horse and followed animals . They all suddenly disappeared taking a right turn as a hint . Srinivasa also began to chase them by going in that direction.

The branches of huge trees too bent towards right side as if asking him to go in that direction. That is Nature’s participation. It was instigating him to go towards the right side. Srinivasa was wondering at the sudden changes that were occurring in the Nature and He felt very happy for what was happening , despite knowing that He Himself was the creator of the happenings . Srinivasa got down from the horse and touched all the huge trees with warmth, since everything present on the mountain which was a divine Saligrama , was pious and divine ; be it a tree, lake , air or the sand . Everything was the creation of Srinivasa.

For this reason the hill is very sacred. It is wrong to misbehave or engage in impious activities while in Tirumala.

There again appeared all the animals to direct Srinivasa . After a while , they disappeared and ran towards the right. The animals appearing and disappearing cannot be compared to the illusionary deer in the Ramayana since that deer went there on a destructive purpose whereas , these animals had come with an intention of world prosperity . ( Srinivasa Kalyanamu ) Srinivasa wondered at all these unique happenings and the directions shown by animals as well as the horse anticipating significance of right side .

Srinivasa was about to turn back to go towards His house but to His surprise there was a very graceful but egoistic elephant standing in front of Him. Srinivasa tried to order the elephant to give way but elephant rumbled and started going towards the right side . Srinivas wanted to catch hold of that elephant and teach him a lesson. This tells us how each and every organism was trying for the unison of Srinivasa and Padmavathy for universal prosperity . Every living organism was putting its effort .

Padmavathy , the form of Lakshmi Devi and Prakriti ( Nature ) should unite with Srinivasa , the Purusha . All these incidents were taking place only with the influence of Nature . The animals, birds, plants, insects were striving to unite them.

As Padmavathy was playing with her friends Nature was directing Srinivasa towards Padmavathy . The horse was tired and Srinivasa tried stopping the elephant with an arrow . But the elegant disappeared showing the path to garden . Looking at the beautiful ambiance , Srinivasa forgot His anger with elephant .

All of a sudden, Padmavathy who was playing with the bees appeared before him. Looking at Padmavathy, Srinivasa was stunned for her unparalleled beauty . At that time arrived the elephant looking at which in the fit of awe, Padmavathy walked backwards .

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Srinivasa Kalyana 27: King Akasharaja finds a infant Padmavati when digging the earth;

In the beginning of Kali Yuga, in the dynasty of Chola king , Sumeera became the king . He was blessed with two sons by names Aakasha and TondamAn . They were very strong and also very devoted to SriHari . Aakasha Raja became the king for TondamAn kingdom . He was righteously ruling the kingdom . He was married but did not have children for several years . He discussed the same with his ministers and scholars and was suggested to perform Yagna to be blessed with a son . The king initiated to start the Yagna and tried to perform Puja to the Mother Earth and started ploughing the field. He was able to plough smoothly but after a while , it got stuck as some hindrance was there . The oxen too were unable to proceed further .

Here we are reminded of the birth incident of Sita Mata . When they looked at the hindrance , they found a thousand petalled lotus flower. The flower emerged with a bright light making the ambiance too very bright . As Aakasha Raja went close to it and looked , he found a very cute baby resembling a fruit .

Aakasha Raja felt happy looking at the baby and said that it was really his own baby . He thought, “I began a yagna seeking a son; I got a daughter”. Suddenly a celestial voice was heard. It said that indeed the baby was his baby and that the king would become eminent only because of his daughter . Listening to this , Aakasha Raju became happier .

He warmly held the baby and put her In the hands of the Queen Dharani Devi saying that the baby was God given and that since she was found in a lotus , she should be called Padmavathi Devi . As Padmavathi entered the house , the queen Dharani Devi conceived and gave birth to a boy baby who was named as Vasudhanu. The king was happy with Padmavathi as she brought luck to him by getting Vasudhanu for the King .
Aakaasha Raja felt happy that all the auspicious changes had occurred only after the arrival of Padmavathi . The king was feeling endlessly happy as his daughter Padamavathy was passing through all the stages of Infancy , Childhood and Youth . Padmavathi was growing to be a very beautiful female resembling Lakshmi , Infact she was the incarnation of Lakshmi . It is like complimenting jaggery that it tastes just like jaggery. If we compliment any girl that she looks like Lakshmi , it is fine . But how can we say the incarnation of Lakshmi Devi that she resembles Lakshmi ?

Aakaasha Raja was tired of searching for a groom for Padmavathy as in case whether goddess or a human . At times after searching all over , we end up finding a groom in the neighboring house itself . As it was in those olden days and the days of values , the king was searching for the best groom of his status . Looking at this , Padmavathi’s friends were wondering  and were all waiting for a correct time to tease Padmavathi with the point that her father is searching for the best groom for her considering that she was not aware of it .

One day all of them went to a garden and started playing hide and seek . We can imagine how freely they were playing several games . After playing so much they felt very hungry .

Generally after going on a walk, people get exhausted and eat like gluttons . After fasting for a week , suddenly people eat like gluttons which is not a good exercise and dieting . Some people after keeping awake on Shivaratri , will sleep for three days which is not correct . One needs to be organized in exercising and dieting .

Here the friends were playing and were tired. They were resting. They said, “Why are you playing with us friends? This is the age when you should be wandering leisurely with a prince”. Padmavati felt shy. Yet at the same time she was angered with them. Her friends began to pull her leg. Having teased her they left her alone and went away.

Padmavati went and sat beneath and tree and pondered- why are my friends teasing me in this manner? I am still young and am in the playing age. I should now find an astrologer who will predict my future’-

Even as she was thinking, an old ascetic female came there saying- “I can predict your future.” Padmavati could not figure out whether it was a man or a woman who had suddenly appeared from behind the trees. The disguise was funny.

Seeing him she asked, “Who are you?” “I am your family priest” replied the person. “Now quickly show me your hand. I will predict your future. I will tell you the kind of husband you are going to get. I will give details of the groom and his location”.

Padmavati was terrified. she wanted to run away from there. The old ascetic said, “I am like your father. Do not get terrified. I know the desire in your heart. Unless you know your future you will be anxious. hence learn from me the details of your future husband. I will tell you the exact details”.

Padmavati was now convinced that the ascetic spoke the truth. She allowed him to read her palm. He said, “Wonderful! Aha! What a divine hand this is! I have never before come across a divine wonderful horoscope like this. You will not marry any ordinary man. You will marry the Supreme Lord himself! He will meet you shortly. He is living here nearby. I bless you”. saying this he disappeared.

“Narayana! Narayana!”- said the ascetic and then assuming his original form as Narada he went away happily.

Padmavati was unsure whether it was a dream or real. So she checked behind the tree if he was still there. there was no one.

Padmavati was thrilled with this prediction. Her heart was instantly fixed upon the Supreme Lord Madhava.


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Srinivasa Kalyanam 26: Varaha gives land to Srinivasa; Vakula-devi recollects her past birth as Yashoda

This Venkatachalam is famed across the three worlds. This is greater than Vaikuntha. It is dearer to me. I will stay here till the end of Kaliyuga. Hence, in this age, Lord Srinivasa is our only God. We must worship him as the sole God on earth in kaliyuga. Expressing His fondness for the region, Lord Srinivasa, requested Varahaswamy to give him some place on the earth, which Varahaswamy has salvaged.

Land is one fourths of the earth. We are surrounded by water. An apocalyptic wave in the waters that will submerge the land mass is imminent. Even today, several calamities occur across the globe where small landmasses are getting submerged. Land is disappearing.
Since you are the one that has protected it, I request you to give me some space here, said Lord Srinivasa. I shall be witness to the happenings during Kaliyuga and will protect my devotees. There is so much mystery in the ways Gods speak. It is confusing at times. Maybe such words are a test for us. For example, though bewildered by the all-pervasive Maha Vishnu’s request, Varahaswamy proposes to sell a piece of land to Lord Srinivasa.
Since he has assumed human form, and it is important for us to understand that we cannot take anything from anybody free of cost, Varaha Swamy asks Srinivasa. Srinivasa then replies that his bank balance (Lakshmi Devi) has left him. He has no money or any kind of wealth to trade in the land. Instead of wealth, Srinivasa proposes that the first darshanam and first naivedyam will be offered to Varaha Swamy in the temple to be built. Will you agree with this deal, asked Srinivasa?

What is there to say, said Varahaswamy. This is your land. Do as you please. You are on my southern side. This land of 100 feet is yours. But will you do me a favor? Srinivasa thinks – it is my duty to oblige the one who has sold me his land and hence I shall oblige.

VarahaSwamy tells him that He an old woman named Vakula Devi has been serving him as a cook devoutly for a long time. Now that he will be offered the first naivedyam, there is no need for any separate cooking for him. Hence, Varahaswamy request Srinivasa to take care of Vakula Devi. I feel you will like this idea, says Varahaswamy. Listening to this, Srinivasa agrees readily saying that the two are avataras of the same divine power. We are no different from each other, he says. If a person cooks for you, she is cooking for me as well! It shall be done as you say! After discussing several other details, they retired to their places. Other details such as calamities and happenings in the future in that region.
As per Varahaswamy’s instructions, Vakula Devi goes to Srinivasa. She is shocked and surprised seeing him as he looked just like Lord Krishna. She was bewildered and unable to recover from that shock- why am I seeing Krishna in Srinivasa? Srinivasa gently seated her on a seat addressing her as mother. She was shocked.

He reminds her,that she was Yashoda in her previous birth and he was her little Krishna. When I was leaving Gokula, you said, “O dear one, no amount of viewing you is giving me satisfaction. Please make it that I see you all the time.” But I told you that it will not be possible in that birth. This birth, I have made it happen. Can you recollect?” asked Srinivasa. Then Vakula Devi happily agrees.

She reminds him of another desire of hers. Though Lord Krishna married 8 times, Yashoda Devi never had the opportunity of witnessing any one of those weddings. I was not even invited. I don’t even know if I existed then. Now I feel like seeing your wedding. Then you promised that I would see in my next life, reminds Vakula Devi. Srinivasa not only agrees but also hands over the entire responsibility of conducting his wedding to her.
The lord fulfills the wishes of his devotees, however big or small. It just must be born in the heart and he will eventually fulfill the desire even if it may take several births for that. That is why, maybe it is better not to have any desires. Else, in the process of realizing them, we are causing difficulty to the Lord and to ourselves as well, by being born again and again. We may feel in our later births that we don’t want another birth but having made a commitment to fulfill our wishes, the Lord will make us be born again so we can see our wish fulfilled. Now the blessing has become a curse. Mere thoughts will make us desire things. That is why we must only think about God. Even if we wish for something, it must be something good.
Listening to this, Vakula Ddevi was beside herself with happiness. Those are the words of my son. This is my son. I am so lucky, she exclaimed. She felt like her life was blessed and continued to take care of Srinivasa just as she took care of the little Lord Krishna and swelled with joy seeing that beautiful form.

Vishnudavu krishnudavu venkatesha…

Meanwhile, in the beginning of Kali Yuga, in Chola lineage a king called Suveera ascended the throne. He had two sons- Akasha raja and Tondamana, both of whom were ardent devotees of Srihari. Akasha raja became the king of the Tonda kingdom and ruled righteously. HOwever he was childless for a long time. Saddened, he called the learned scholars and enquired. they replied, “It is not a big problem. Many have obtained progeny with the help of Yagna. Based on their suggestion Akasha raja decided to perform a Yagna. He began to till the land for the Yagna. All of a sudden the plough stopped moving. The oxen could not move further.

we are reminded of Sita’s birth. The baffled king checked the reason. He saw a thousand petalled lotus illumining brightly. It was illumining the entire area. Akasharaja was stunned. He peeped into the lotus. A small girl was located in the lotus. she was glowing brightly.

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 25: Srinivasa asks Varahaswamy to give him a little land in Venkatadri.

Today, we shall proceed with the story of the agreement between Varahaswamy and Lord Srinivasa.

We saw that the wound caused by the cowherd brought deep pain to the Lord. Unable to bear the pain, as instructed by Brihaspati, he decided to search for herbs that could be used as medicine for the wound. He searched for a long time but strangely, no herb was to be found. The pain went down but none were found.

One fine day, as he was searching for the herbs,a huge being approached Him with loudly pounding footsteps. Srinivasa was unable to recognize Him. This was around dawn. Who comes here at this time, wondered Lord Srinivasa. Soon He realized that it was Varahaswamy. Varahaswamy had just then killed demon Vrushabhasura. The anger and ferocity had not yet gone down. He was ferocious and hence walked with pounding steps. In such intense anger, his eyes were fiery. Lord Srinivasa got scared. This happened despite Him being an avatara purusha because He was born human and is bound to have some human aspects.

Here, was one entity, very scary and simultaneously another human form, both of Lord Maha Vishnu! Naturally, the human form got scared. Therefore, unable to face the mighty Varahaswamy, the human Lord Srinivasa got scared. Varahaswamy also noticed Lord Srinivasa. He questioned Lord Srinivasa as to who gave him permission to enter his forest and uproot plants all around. Some plants were getting destroyed as well. I feel you are responsible for this, are you, he roared! Varahaswamy was unable to control the resounding voice. The region trembled, not just with his footsteps but even his voice. Lord Srinivasa who were already in pain, got scared and ran away to hide in the anthill. We must interpret such incidences as divine play. We must not question or try to find logic. Do not get the doubt as to how Lord Vishnu can be afraid of himself.
Since He has assumed the form of a human, He is bound by human nature. Just like in Rama avatara where Rama and Parashurama face each other. Similar is the case here. So, Lord Srinivasa disappeared even before Varahaswamy could catch him. When Varahaswamy followed Lord Srinivasa and reached the place, all he could see was a radiant anthill. He wondered why it was glowing. Then he realized that Lord Srinivasa was Srihari. Varahaswamy was horripilated.

Varahaswamy surrendered to him and requested him to come out of the anthill. You are verily Maha Vishnu, said Varahaswamy. During this time, the energy was getting transferred from one to another at this time.

Till now Varahaswamywas angry and He threatened Srinivasa so much so that Srinivasa rushed back to his anthill and hid. Now seeing Srinivasa in his glory Varahaswamy was terrified. It was game reversal.  Varahaswamy cooled down and began singing praises of Lord Srinivasa and asked him why He got scared seeing Varahaswamy when Lord Srinivasa was, in fact, the Lord of the entire world.
Prithvi Vaishnavi Punya…
This world is of Maha Vishnu. It belongs solely to You. You are being worshiped by the entire earth. So saying, He begged Lord Srinivasa to come out and bless him with his darshan. This endearing act melted Lord Srinivasa
Bhajan: Sri Krishna Keshava Vaikuntha Madhava

Hearing these words Srinivasa’s heart melted. Once he was pleased, Srinivasa stepped out of the anthill. Varahaswamy embraced Lord Srinivasa. Srinivasa reciprocated the affection. Seeing this, the Gods above showered them with flowers. Seeing both the forms at the same time, the Gods felt blessed. Then Varahaswamy asked Lord Srinivasa, “O Lord why did you leave Vaikunta and come to earth?” Srinivasa explained how the great sage Bhrugu kicked him and the insulted Goddess Lakshmi left Vaikuntha in anger. He narrated how He came searching for her and a cowherd struck him with the axe and how he is suffering in pain. Hence looking for medicinal herbs I have been going around, Lord Srinivasa explained. But the more I see this place, I want to say here, expressed the Lord.

“There is some kind of unique serenity here. In fact, I want to stay here. This is a very special place. Whoever comes here, their sins get dispelled. Hence this place is Venkatadri!”- said the Lord

Ayam venkatanamadri…
This Venkatachalam is famed across the three worlds. This is greater than my sacred abode Vaikuntha. It is dearer to me. I will stay here till the end of Kaliyuga.

Hence, in this age, Lord Srinivasa is our only God. We must worship him as the sole God on earth in kaliyuga. Expressing His fondness for the region, Lord Srinivasa, requested Varahaswamy to give him some place on the earth, which Varahaswamy has salvaged.

Land is one fourths of the earth. We are surrounded by water. An apocalyptic wave in the waters that will submerge the land mass is imminent. Even today, several calamities occur across the globe where small landmasses are getting submerged. Land is disappearing.
Since you are the one that has protected it, I request you to give me some space here, said Lord Srinivasa. I shall be witness to the happenings during Kaliyuga and will protect my devotees. There is so much mystery in the ways Gods speak. It is confusing at times. Maybe such words are a test for us. For example, though bewildered by the all-pervasive Maha Vishnu’s, Varahaswamy proposes to sell a piece of land to Lord Srinivasa.

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