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Srinivasa Kalyanam 34: The elders discuss the finer details of the marriage

Shloka :
Bhavatkanyeya MathulA ShriyasahA Ramishyati
DheeyatAm Deva DevAya Shakhine ParamAtmanE
Sage Shuka spoke thus to Akasha Raju. “By offering Padmavathi in marriage to Srinivasa , your dynasty will prosper. I, the parrot am speaking. your ancestors go to Vaikuntha. You might have accumulated lots of virtues due to which you are getting a divine opportunity to offer your daughter in marriage to Srinivasa. I will tell you one secret . Listen. Sages like us , despite performing penance for crores of years, never get an opportunity to have Lord’s darshan. Because of you , we are getting an opportunity to have His darshan . Hence we never leave your friendship for lives to come.”

The Rishi Bruhaspati was asked to study the planetary and star movements and verify the horoscopes of both Padmavathi and Srinivasa. Padmavati’s star is Mrigasira and Atri Gotra. Srinivasa’s star is Shravana. The origin sage of his family is Vasishta. Brihaspati declared that both the horoscopes matched with each other perfectly. He had permitted them to proceed with other matters of the marriage.

King Akasha raised his hand and promised and declared the marriage of Padmavati and Srinivasa. They thought for some time as to how to approach Srinivasa. King Akasha had written an auspicious letter to Srinivasa. He wrote “My blessings to Srinivasa. I wish to give my daughter Padmavati’s hand to you in marriage”.

Sage Bruhaspati and sage Shuka agreed for this and decided an auspicious time , the muhurtam as the tenth day of the increasing moon in the month of Vaisakha on Friday for the marriage. You are invited along with all your relatives and accept my daughter’s hand in marriage. Sage Shuka will explain all the details”. Sage Shuka also had taken Padmavati’s consent and proceeded along with Vakula Devi. After reaching their place she assured Srinivasa that every thing was successful and details would be given by sage Shuka. Sage Shuka prostrated in front of Srinivasa and was offered a seat of honour. He said that King of Narayanapuram had sent him there. With the help of Brihaspati an auspicious date was fixed for the marriage of Padmavati and Srinivasa. Padmavati sent a word for him.
Twam Pratyaha Suta Bhumeh Maamaheekuru Madhava
VadAmi Tava nAmani SmarAmiTvadvapussada
Dhreeyante Tava Chihnaadi
Bhujadhvanghai Ramapate.
Pamavati said:
“I am always chanting Your name and Your name only! I always visualize Your form. I always wear Your symbols. I am always chanting Your name, oh lord of the universe! Please accept me, oh my lord!”
Srinivasa replied that he would come along with all the deities to marry her.
“Kartum Kalyana Mudwaham Agamishyami Chamarai.”
Srinivasa wrote a reply to the king. He wrote “I pay respects to you. I am happy to receive your letter. I accept to marry your daughter on the auspicious date decided by you. I come along with my relatives and all other deities to the marriage. As Sagara, the king of ocean became famous by giving his daughter to me in marriage, so do You also possess that much fame with this marriage”. He gave the letter to sage Shuka and gave a line of Tulasi beads, His symbol to give to Padmavati.

King was very happy to receive the reply. Padmavati also was very happy to receive and wear the string of tulasi beads. Srinivasa enquired Vakula Devi about their relatives. She said that all the deities were their relatives.

Srinivasa immediately reminisced Garukmantha and Adiseshu. He assembled Garukmanta, His bird cum vehicle and Sesha, his serpent bed , His close relatives staying very near to Him. Garukmanta with five colors and golden wings and Sesha with his thousand hoods appeared in front of Srinivasa and prayed with devotion.
” Sri Bhunayaka Dayanidhi Gunamrutabdhi Devadhi Deva
Jagadeka Saranya Murthe Sri Mannamda Garudhabhirarchitamghre
Srinivasa Charana Saranam Prapadhye. ”
O God who resides on the hill Vrushabhadri, You are the husband of Sri Devi and Bhu Devi. You are the almighty. I surrender to those feet to which Garuda and Sesha worship.
Srinivasa Govinda Sri Venkatesa Govinda
Tirupativasa Govinda Tirumalavasa Govinda
Datta Peetha Vasa Govinda !!

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 33: Guru Brihaspati and Maharishi Shuka arrive to conduct the divine wedding

Dharani Devi was very happy to hear this. She asked Vakula devi to wait. She went to the king and said that she had found the reason for their daughter’s agony and also a suitable marriage proposal came for her.

Prophesy of the prophetess and the words of the future reader became true. Vakula Devi also confirmed the good news. King Akasha expressed his happiness by revealing the good news to Padmavati that Vakula Devi came to their palace with the marriage proposal. Padmavati’s glow returned to her face. Her eyes glittered with shy and happiness. All the people of the kingdom were very happy to hear the good news.

King Akasha remembered the voice who told him about the fame he would posses by the virtues of his daughter. God of Vaikunta was going to become his son-in-law. Those words came true. The king immediately started the arrangements for the grand wedding. He asked his son to go and invite the celestials’ guru, Bruhaspati. Padmavathi is very happy and blushing a lot. She is able to see the Lord everywhere! Imagine for a second, how the mind of a maiden will be, who is going to get married to her beloved. And that not with an ordinary being. It is with the Lord Himself! Her mind is not with her and she is on the cloud 9. Herself is the form of happiness! On top of it, she is getting married to the Lord! To her beloved! “Let me dance in happiness! I am going to stay with him again! I will dance in ecstacy! I will dance, singing His name!” So Padmavati’s heart is dancing, jumping, and swinging in happiness. He who meditates upon Srinivasa swings in his meditation.

Nachungi mein Nachungi Hari Guna Gavat Nachungi….

. Son of king Akasha went to heaven, invited Bruhaspati and brought him along with him to Narayanapuram. He welcomed him with all the rituals and offered him a comfortable seat and requested him to supervise his daughter’s marriage. Then he replied that he knew nothing much about Srinivasa because he lives in the heaven.All I know is that he is Maha-vishnu.

He suggested inviting Maharishi Suka Deva, the parrot sage to be the mediator for the marriage because he lives on the Earth. He would appear like a sage for the eyes of the devotees or he was a normal parrot to others. He also narrates Bhagavata, the story of Krishna.

Tondaman, the brother of king Akasha searched for Suka Deva in the forests with devotion. He met him and brought him to his city called Narayanapuram. He was very happy for his luck of being the mediator for the marriage of Srinivasa.

To those who lack devotion the sage appears like a parrot. To those who have devotion he reveals his real form.

King Akasha welcomed Suka Deva with devotion and offered him a suitable seat and asked for his permission to marry his daughter Padmavati to Srinivasa. Sage Suka said that Srinivasa was the virtuous and the richest person in the Universe. He needs not to be worried or hesitant in giving his daughter to Srinivasa in marriage. He also advised him to worship Srinivasa and offer his daughter’s hand.
Bhavatkanyeya Madhula Sriya Saharamishyati Dheyatam Deavadevaya Shankhiren Paramatmane.

He said that with that marriage his family along with his ancestors would be purified and all his next generations would proceed to the abode of heaven. He was a virtuous person in his previous birth to possess Srinivasa as his son-in-law. Sages observe penance to have a single glance of the God which was made possible for them by this marriage. Sage Suka promised the king not to leave his friendship in all his births.

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 32: Vakula-devi speaks to queen proposing Srinivasa’s marriage with Padmavati

Govinda Sananda Ananda ParamA
Gopala Sripala Sachchidananda PayAmAm !

Today we will discuss about Dharani Devi visiting Padmavathi .

Bhajan :
Sriharim Shraye Sriharim Shraye !
Sridharam Srikaram Sriparam Shraye !
Dharani Devi reached Padmavathi’s palace . On observation, Padmavathi was by looks and mentally was else where and never noticed her mother’s arrival . She was lost in her own thoughts . She was talking to herself . But her mother noticed the traces of tears on her cheeks . The cheeks were still wet too . The unique Padma KaLa was missing on her face . Padmavathi always had a ray of smile on her face and a jumping spirit in her . But both were missing for which Dharani Devi was upset .

Dharani Devi pampered Padmavathi asking her to tell the reason for her distracted mood . Padmavathi went close to her mother and narrated ” Yesterday I had been to the floral garden where I was playing with my folklore . There arrived a person who was looking like a hunter . When He was about to catch hold of my hand , which I did not like , I instructed my friends to beat Him with stones due to which He was injured . Later listening to who He was , I felt very hurt and am not able to come over that ill feeling for the treatment my friends gave Him. I came to know that He is Srinivasa , Vaikuntha Vasa , the one who gives happiness to all the living beings , the one who bestows bliss to sages and the one whom Brahma and other Gods worship always ! He is Srinivasa ! I am in divine love with Him. I cannot live without Him . I want to marry Him. ” said Padmavathi .

Dharani Devi consoled Padmavathi assuring her that she would try to fulfill her wish of getting her married to Him. Dharani Devi also thought that she should find out whether Srinivasa likes Padmavathi and would like to marry her . She was pondering over the issue of conveying Padmavathi’s love to Srinivasa . In the meanwhile , the folklore arrived at that place along with the eleven priests that performed ablutions to Lord Shiva and also Vakula Mata who wanted to meet Dharani Devi . They also reported that they got the ablutions performed to lord Shiva as per the queen’s instructions . The priests handed over the holy Prasadam to Dharani Devi and blessed her that Padmavathi’s wish would be fulfilled .

Later the folklore introduced Vakula Mata to Dharani Devi , informed that she came on a special purpose to Dharani Devi and that it should be informed only to Dharani Devi . They both greeted each other and Vakula Mata was offered a seat and both of them were seated . Vakulamata introduced herself saying that she was Srinivasa’s mother , who stays on Venkatadri . She calls Him as Krishna . As Srinivasa liked Padmavathi, she came to inform the same and request Dharani Devi to give Padmavathi in marriage to Srinivasa . That was what Dharani Devi was also thinking of Infact and hence felt happy .

Dharani Devi enquired about the family back ground of Srinivasa . She told that Srinivasa’s mother was Devaki Devi and father Vasudeva , dynasty was Chandra Vamsham and Gotram was Vasishtha Gotram . She told that all of them address Him as Krishna at home . Outsiders call Him Srinivasa . He responds to both names . He was born in Shravana star .

She said that her son went casually for hunting the day before and somehow was directed to the garden where Padmavathi and her friends were playing . Her son , Srinivasa , as He looked at Padmavathi was very much attracted by her divine beauty and wanted to enquire the details of her family, as He wanted to marry her . But her friends instead of flower shower , threw stones on Him . But He decided to marry her and hence He informed of the same to His mother . When Vakula Mata enquired about the girl, Srinivasa found , it was confirmed that it was Padmavathi , the daughter of Aakasha Raju and Dharani Devi . Hence she approached the queen . Vakula Mata said that they make a good pair . She also said ”

Coming to my Srinivasa , He is a person of all good qualities in intellect , behaviour and courage . “

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 31: Srinivasa comes to the palace in the guise of a female fortune-teller

Vakula Devi requested the folklore , who were watching the ablutions being performed to Lord Shiva , to take her to the queen Dharani Devi whom she wanted to approach. The folklore too agreed to do so since she was an elderly woman. The bell rang which they considered to be an auspicious sign. Eleven priests were performing ablutions to Lord Shiva by chanting Namaka and Chamaka , singing the glory of Lord Shiva . The folklore had a blissful Darshan .
Bhajan :
Naga Bhusham Nada Thosham .
Tam Namami Maheswaram

The folklore along with holy Prasadam left for the palace of the princess Padmavathi who fell unconscious looking at injured Srinivasa . They invited Vakula Mata too , to accompany them . But by then Dharani Devi was occupied and hence Vakula Devi and also the priests who arrived there were asked to wait .

During that time Srinivasa got tensed whether Vakula Devi would bring a positive news or not. Hence Srinivasa started in the guise of a fortune teller . His koustubha gold chain turned into a bead chain. All other ornaments too became bead jewellery . Bead bangles in the place of gold bracelet appeared . A band appeared in the hand . Srinivasa in the form of a fortune teller , started singing that He was a fortune teller . The crown got transformed into a basket . On His back appeared a seven month old baby .
Sodi chaputhanamma sodi chaputha !!
I tell what is going to happen as it is !
I tell what is not going to happen as it is !
Kurro Kurru !! Konda devara Kurro Kurru !
I speak whatever Konda devara utters !
Srinivasa having taken the guise of Pulindi , walked towards the palace of Aakasha Raju . Dharani Devi happened to listen to Srinivasa’s announcements and looked at Padmavathi suspecting a reason that caused disturbance on Padmavathi’s face . Dharani Devi considered the entry of Fortune teller as a divine incident since she thought of learning from the fortune teller the reason for Padmavathi’s disturbed mind and then proceed with the remedial measures . Hence she ordered the folklore to invite the Pulindi into the royal palace .
Namah Parama Kalyana Namah Parama Mangala
VASUDEVAYA Shantaya YadunAm Pataye Namah
Pulindi started narrating the incidents past and future . She is none other than Maha Vishnu . Hence she told that ” when Padmavathi went to garden to play with her folklore , she happened to meet a handsome person who is none other than Maha Vishnu of Vaikuntha . That Vishnu who arrived on to the mountain , is called Venkatadheesha . He is popularly known as Srinivasa . Your daughter having not identified his true form , instigated her folklore to beat him . Later , after realizing and recognizing Him, she was hurt and fell unconscious .”

He also revealed that Padmavathi fell in divine love with Srinivasa and it would be good for the kingdom, King, queen and Padmavathi also if their wedding was performed . Or else she would die in three days . ” If the wedding is performed, it brings prosperity to the whole kingdom ” said Srinivasa , disguised as fortune teller . He also said that an old lady sent by Srinivasa would approach them and instructed them to follow her advise and do accordingly . Before manifestation as Edukondala vaadu , Srinivasa’s miracles were stunning .
Bhajan :
Edukondala ElikA
Yelara Inta Alaka !

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 30: Coming to know the real identity of Padmavati, Vakula proceeds to the palace

Krishna Krishna Hari Keshava !
Vishno Jishno Sada Mamava !
Vakula Mata curiously enquired about the past and present of the lady to whom Srinivasa tried to propose . Srinivasa said that she was Vedavati in her previous life and she performed an amazing penance to be blessed to marry Srinivasa .
In her past life , Ravanasura forced her to marry him. She declared that she intended to marry only Srinivasa and that she was not interested in marrying him. But he forced her time and again. As this pressure increased from Ravana , Vedavati , using her yogic energy created fire and jumped into the fire . The helpless Ravana retired from that place . Due to her yogic power , Vedavati remained the same and unaffected by the fire. Agni deva, the Fire-god in appreciation, gave her shelter. He also informed her of the great deed she would have to support in future .
As it is obvious to everyone , in the Ramayana , Ravana went to Dandakaranya in the disguise of a golden deer and attracted Sita . Sita Mata got tempted to possess it and requested Rama to obtain it for her . As Lakshmana was taking care of her and Rama’s voice was heard , Sita Mata sent Lakshmana to take care of Rama . In the meanwhile , Ravana carried away Sita Mata .

While Ravana was carrying Sita Mata , the Fire-god appeared and informed Ravana that he cheated Rama and Lakshmana by going in disguise of a golden deer. Do you know that Rama is a greater conjurer than you? However he could not cheat Sita Mata as the one he was carrying was not really Sita Mata and that she was Vedavati.She is not Sita. Vedavati is here disguised as Sita. Sita is safe in my custody. I am speaking cause I revere you. If you trust me, I will hand over the real Sita to you.

Fire God then took the real Sita who was being abducted by Ravana and kept her safely with Swaha devi. He then transformed Vedavati into Sita and handed over Vedavati to Ravana.

After killing Ravana and before leaving for Ayodhya, I asked Sita to undergo a fire test to prove her chastity. Sita disappeared into the fire. From the fire three persons emerged.  They were , Agni Purusha , Sita Mata and Vedavati .

Agni Purusha explained how Sita Mata was protected from the hands of Ravana by transforming Vedavati into Sita Mata . Since Vedavati helped Rama so much , Agni Purusha requested Rama to marry her also in appreciation of her penance performed by her , to have Rama as her husband . Then Rama said that in that incarnation , He was very keen on maintaining discipline of one word , one wife and one arrow . Hence Rama promised that he would marry Vedavati in his next incarnation. Until that time Vedavati would reside in Brahma loka, said Rama.

That Vedavati was born as Padmavathi . He explained all this to his mother . Listening to this, Vakula Mata left that place to meet Padmavathi . Srinivasa felt very happy and had food .
Namah Krishnaya RAmAya Vasudeva Sutayacha
Pradyumnaya Aniruddhaya SAtvatAm Pataye Namah !
Vakula Devi started her travel and reached Agastya Ashrama . Srinivasa felt happy for this deed . There was a shiva temple where ablutions for shiva were being performed which was a good sign .
Namah Shivaya Shantaya Namassomaya Shambhave Namah Namah Shivaya Kalyani Pataye te Namo Namah !!
Vakula Mata thought that Shiva alone could help in making her efforts successful. Looking at the attire of the women folk there, she decided that they were from the Royal palace . She enquired who they were . They replied that they were the attendants of Padamavathi , the princess and that they were getting the ablutions done for Shiva .

The previous evening they were playing in a garden and a handsome and graceful Man arrived there . His name was Srinivasa and appeared like a hunter. He tried to converse with Padmavathi and tried to hold her hand. The annoyed Padmavathi made us beat him with the stones . Looking at His injuries, Padmavathi became unconscious . Immediately Padmavathi was taken to the palace where the king and the queen, looking at Padmavathi’s condition, called for a royal priest .

After testing her,the priest said that ” Padmavathi met a person who made a great impact on her mind . Padmavathi was so much attracted by that person that she would reach Him soon.

Shortly a lady would enter that place and if the parents follow her instructions, Padmavathi would settle in happiness . Perform a shanti Puja and everything would be fine . Shiva Himself was great and hence invite 11 priests to perform ablutions to Shiva . With the power and result of ablutions alone Padmavathi would become conscious ” The frineds said that they were getting ablutions performed with the instructions given by Daivaghna. Finally they questioned Vakula Mata about her details and who she was. Then Vakula Mata said that she went there with a specific purpose and that she was supposed to speak to the queen , Dharani Devi to get her work done . She also requested the friends to take her to Dharani Devi .

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